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Recent content by thomasph

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    MSFS Quimper Pluguffan régional airport - Freeware

    Hello, The scene has been updated : Fixing taxi lights Added local firetruck Added forbidden sign to closed runway
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    MSFS Quimper Pluguffan régional airport - Freeware

    Thank you @stinger2k2 Thank you @Lagaffe , and yes the best moment... But now we want to start other projects, it's a drug 😅
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    MSFS Coding xml SIDs/STARs/Approaches - A small tutorial

    Hello, Small question : do we can specify the ILS CAT ? (I, II, III) ? Best, Thomas
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    MSFS Quimper Pluguffan régional airport - Freeware

    Hello ! Let me present my first airport for MSFS: Quimper Pluguffan - LFRQ. Thank you to all the contributors to this forum where I found a LOT of answers to my questions. You can download for free here: https://headwind-design.com/en/
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    MSFS Projected Mesh not using PBR material

    Hi all, Someone can confirm Projected Mesh can't displayed over appron ? They dont work for me, i had to use appron like this :
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    MSFS How to get the flight plan with simconnect ?

    Hi, Thanks, i will try to use this. Another question: do you think we can get METAR data from IATA code with simconnect ? Best
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    MSFS How to get the flight plan with simconnect ?

    Hi, Someone know how to get Flight Plan in Flight Simulator with Simconnect ? in the documentation I just found the next, previous and current index waypoint but not how to get the full flight plan : GPS FLIGHT PLAN WP INDEX - Index of waypoint- GPS FLIGHT PLAN WP COUNT - Number of waypoints...
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    MSFS Introduction to MSFS SDK (scenery)

    Hi guy's, I have the same problem, i solved it by changing the unwrap method to "conformal" from "angle based" : https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/stretched-uv-mapping.448720/#post-853699 Thomas
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    Blender Stretched UV Mapping

    Hi fabs, Thanks for reply, i have found the problem. In blender i have changed the unwrap method to "conformal" from "angle based" and all are ok now : And the result:
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    Blender Stretched UV Mapping

    Someone can move this topics in Blender ? Thanks :)
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    Blender Stretched UV Mapping

    Hi, I'm trying to make an airport from the excellent video tutorial (https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/video-tutorial-series-for-creating-scenery-with-blender.447046/) by @spotlope. I have a problem with texture mapping, sommes faces are stretched and somes edges are misaligned yet I...
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    Blender modeling best practices ?

    Hi all, I am creating a scene and looking for advice on modeling. My building in work in progress: First question : How do you decide if an object should be a new object into the scene collection? Example with these roof windows: I designed the windows on a new mesh then I merged them to...
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    Blender modeling best practices ?

    to delete please, bad category. New post here : https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/blender-modeling-best-practices.448647/
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    Video Tutorial Series for Creating Scenery with Blender

    Hello, What a work Spotlope ! Thank you. I think it is the most comprehensive tutorial about scenery i have seen. I will use it to create scenery on FS20. The only two differences I see is its 2.80 blender UI and the add process in FS20 but it's possible with tutorials in FS20 forum. About...