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    FS2004 Objects in the library don't show in FS

    Put it this way. If you made a library of say, 3 objects - Shed-01, Shed -02 and terminal - for a particular scenery you should end up with a "my library.bgl" which contains all 3 objects. For these objects to display in FS you would have to add them from your library to a "placement" file using...
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    MCX Not reading Texture Directory

    If you go to Options in MCX and click on 'texture settings' you can add paths to the 'texture search path's by clicking on that line...
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    Tutorial for Low Poly cars.

    I just trawl through...
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    FSX Taxiway markings (signage, scuff marks...etc)

    Transparency won't show in Gmax but should be there in the finished model in the sim..
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    FS2004 Mysterious Control Tower

    I had a similar problem quite a while ago. Not even sure which FS version it was but fixed it by adding an exclusion for library objects, only big enough to cover the control tower. I think afcad was just excluding the control tower position but not affecting the actual building. Might be worth...
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    Fence problem ?

    Thank you for your quick reply Jim. We are using only the recommended fence types and have tried fences around the FSX airport ground polys and also random lengths and shapes inside these polys (which from my experience should all be inside the flatten area) but the only common factor seems to...
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    Fence problem ?

    I'm not too sure this is the correct place to put this problem but I'll try to make it as short as possible. Using the latest version of ADE. Attempting to add fences to existing FSX airports using the base airport as a starting point. Actions taken.. Delete existing fences Enter new...
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    Runway heading FSX Planner 28

    Love to get you one Russell, but I had to stretch the bank account a bit to get this one..:D
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    Runway heading FSX Planner 28

    Problem solved.. I was using my Wacom Tablet. Tried it with my mouse and everything works as expected. Must be something in the tablet drivers not working 100% with java ???? Cheers Tony
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    Runway heading FSX Planner 28

    Tried that Lance but it doesn't let me change what's in the box..:confused:
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    Runway heading FSX Planner 28

    I'm having a problem with changing the runway heading in the latest version. I need 101.68 but using the mouse to change the slider in the Runway Data window the closest I can get is 96, 100, 105, 109 degrees. Is there a way to enter the runway heading by inserting "101.68" :confused: Cheers...
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    Layering tags

    I've found that if the folder is selected when saving each .kml file that GE places the .kml's in the folder. I also cut and paste within the folder before saving the 'folder' .kml to move them to the correct position e.g. polygonhole .kml's immediately below the add-water .kml that then refer...
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    Rocks in Island's shores

    I've noticed that when manipulating the coastlines that the displayed outlines of the "rocky" areas sometimes move. Is this something to do with the sims inbuilt adding of "rocky" textures to sloped terrain? I suspect that this is the case and can't see any way to overcome it so I'll continue...
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    Point limit in Google Earth?

    I went for a bit of an "overkill" and got the 6x11. One little tip for you, when you set it up select the option for touching the pad to activate the "double click" and "right click" options for the pen button. I started without this and it can make things hard to control if you leave it to...
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    Rocks in Island's shores

    Thank you for your reply Rhett, I've tried a few approaches including covering these areas with water polys but that has no effect. These areas are indeed quite near steep hillsides. I agree that tweaking the .cfg file is a bad idea and will do as you suggest and fudge the coastlines - and ,yes...