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    Does anyone have X-Plane 10?

    I'm working on Newark Liberty International Airport for X-Plane 10. It is a payware product, and I need some people to test it. You will get the scenery for free once it's finished. Email me at if you're interested. Thanks
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    Beta testing

    Would anyone who has time, and has either FSX, FSXA, FSX:SE or P3D like to help test a (payware) scenery? You will get the scenery for free. Please contact me at if you are interested.
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    This is ridiculous

    154 unread alerts! :eek:
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    Using static aircraft

    I would like to know the answer to this too.
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    FSX How many .bgl files should be used?

    Is terms of performance, is it better to use several .bgl files in one airport or 1-2 .bgl files that all the objects are placed in?
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    FSX What Is A Good Airport Photo Site has 45° angle maps that you can rotate, so you can see the side of airport buildings. You have to select "bird's eye" at the top of the screen and zoom into the airport to get the 45° angle.
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    Arabic Words needed!

    That would be character map. But when the arabic words are put into google translate and translated back to english, they do not say the same thing as before. For example وصول translates back to "access", instead of arrival. Google translate isn't a reliable source.
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    Beta testers for FSX scenery

    I am almost done with a payware scenery, and I would like to have people test it in the next few days. Beta testers will get the scenery for free. Please email me at if you are interested.
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    Install Creator Pro Tutorial

    Thanks! I'm going to buy install creator pro soon (hopefully it will go on sale). Are the user registration keys effective in protecting products against piracy?
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    FSX How to calculate level of detail in scenery objects?

    Thanks for the link. I'll read into it.
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    FSX How to calculate level of detail in scenery objects?

    Is there any way to calculate how close a model will appear based on the objects complexity and the level of detail (LOD) number? For example, if I have a model with 6,000 triangles and I set it to 400 LOD, and then I have another LOD in the same model set to 200 LOD with 3,000 triangles. Is...
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    Photos needed for freeware scenery project (small US airfields only) for references.
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    New Members - Please Read Before You Register

    A lot of times I don't bother signing up for a forum that I have to be approved for. I just decide that I'll find the solution to problems myself. I don't know why, maybe I'm just impatient and I probably waste more time trying to figure things out myself than waiting to be approved on a forum...
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    Don't you just love 'customers'

    But... what if that user somehow finds this thread?
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    New Members - Please Read Before You Register

    New users have to be approved now? Is there any kind of plugin for the forum software that could prevent spam? I think we will loose a lot of potential users if the registration has to be approved.