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    Tanspartent window texture in FSX (GMAX)

    Thanks very much :) I will take a look at that and tell you how I get on
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    Tanspartent window texture in FSX (GMAX)

    Thanks for your reply. I have found the FSXMaterials option in the Materials Editor but I don't know what to do from there. Do i need to set an alpha channel on my image and what settings do I need to tick off with/without the alpha channel for the texture to display transparent Many thanks...
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    Buildinng in fs2004 problem.

    You can use a program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop to resize the image or use another tool that allows you to cropresize the image.
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    Buildinng in fs2004 problem.

    for the texture to show up in FS2004, it needs to be 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 square
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    Tanspartent window texture in FSX (GMAX)

    Hi all! I am currently working on some scenery for FSX. I am a bit stuck on transparent windows for cars, buildings and the tower windows. The transparency of those objects play a big part in my scenery so I need a little tutorial telling my how to create transparent textures. I use Paint...
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    FSX connect the easy way ....

    FSX - FSX Planner Connection Problem Hi, I have a problem connecting to FSX though FSX Planner so i thouht this might solve that problem, the downlaod link you provided is invalid and therefore, i canot find the FSX port. Thanks for your help, Steve
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    FSX Special Effects Creation

    Sorted!!! I would like to state that to view a special effect that has been placed in FSX, you need your scenery complexity slider set to NORMAL. Anything less will not display the effect.
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    FSX Special Effects Creation

    Hi all, I was just looking through the FSX SDK documentation and came across a FX creation tool. I looked through the information it gave you about the forest fire, followed every instruction and opened up the simulator to see a spectacualar forest fire. To my dissapointment, nothing was...
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    Converting FSX Planner XML to FSX BGL

    Hi, I have designed an airport in FSX Planner and saved it as an XML file but how do i convert it to a BGL File? Steve
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    Flares for CFS2

    Flares Hi, I have created some very realistic flares for FSX But I don't Know if they will work in CFS2. If you want the effect, email me at Steve
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    Multiple Smoke Effects?

    Effetcs Problem Solved! What you need to do is enter the following piece of code into your Aircraft .CFG File [SMOKESYSTEM] smoke.0=-10.00, -0.70, 0.0, fx_smoke_w smoke.1= 10.00, -0.70, 0.0, fx_smoke_r The above is just an example, to get the smoke in a different place, edit the...
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    Lost TOOLS Menu

    Thanks for posting José. I followed all your instructions but with no sucsess :( . I had the Object Placement Tool installed like everyone else and after installing FSX SP1, it messed it all up. Does anyone have a way of getting it to work? Steve -