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    Ai Ship Special Effects

    What if you create a controller to trigger all of your effects? Or just place the effects individually. Each effect could be set to go off at desired time of day.
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    Creating dust effects for takeoff on runway edge

    I believe you need to create an effect controller and place it in your scenery. So when you get so close to that area of the runway the effect triggers. A good example of this (that I just tried) was the Barn Storm effect. It's called Cntrl_Barn.fx in the effects folder. As a test try placing it...
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    FSXA Multi-Material with FlightSimX material

    I am currently working on a scenery project with a few textures. I posted an image of the oil rig example of how they did the materials. It looks like they have added FSX material to a multi-material parent. Is this the best/normal way of doing this? I have been out of the modeling scene for a...
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    FSX:SE Texture mapping mess up?

    I almost feel silly asking for a solution to this, but I have been out of the repainting scene for about 5-6 years. :scratchch Just trying to get back into it. I am having a problem with my first test though. I have used the image tool to save my texture as a DXT5 dds yet everything seems scrambled?
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    FS2004 DSDG "City Center" Las Vegas

    What ever one you do, even if a simple one they look awesome. :) I have been experimenting with effects the last couple years. When I was working on my Luxor I thought about making different graphics using effects so they change every few months or so. Or even every time you load the sim up I...
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    FS2004 DSDG "City Center" Las Vegas

    There are a few different variants they have had over the years. I made a Luxor a few years ago with effects. Those lights running down it were hard to pull off. I think I stopped before I got it fully tweaked.
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    Old thread rehash / Aged thread closing

    Doing this would be terrible IMO. If your trying to develop something that has already been discussed in a thread but you want to ask a question or add to it, you would have to make an entirely new thread. Some of these threads and discussions are like tutorials, it would be better to keep them...
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    Prices going up and up... (rant alert)

    It's like buying a crappy car for $500 stripping everything but keeping the engine and adding thousands of dollars in new stuff until it looks brand spanking new. ex. REX, UTX, AI traffic programs, ect.. :)
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    FSXA Quadcore 2.2GHz vs Dual Core 2.9GHz

    I thought SP1 allowed FSX to use only a second core..?
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    TerraBuilder FSX Now Available

    I am always looking out for programs to add photo real terrain into FSX so I will be checking it out for sure. :) Seems like a couple features will help to save time at least.
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    TerraBuilder FSX Now Available

    When I first heard about terrabuilder for fsx 3-4 years ago I was really excited since I couldn't get photo scenery in FSX. I thought it would be a good program to help me do that. Didn't know it was going to take this long to be released.. Since then I have discovered SBuilderX and another...
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    Dirty Windshield or No! No!!!!

    I wouldn't mind a feature to switch between clean and maybe a couple slightly dirty windshields. Like few small bug splatters, just so you know something is there. I would take that over the interior reflection effect. Sometimes those can be a little to visible and get annoying after awhile.
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    OZx Torres Strait Islands 1.0 Released

    Amazing! Can't wait to try out some of those airfields.
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    Windows 8

    Seeing as I got Windows 7 a little over 2 years ago and it runs just fine it may just wait until Windows 9 to upgrade :P