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    ADE Wish List

    Line objects will be a nice new func, is easy to insert light poles, vegetation, etc :)
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    FSX:SE TNCE Scenery trouble

    Hi people, I am tired, nervous, irritated by the TNCE scenario by Harold Sandvik, it is a photoreal scenario of the airport and TNCE island, however when installing on FSX-STEAM it becomes a disgrace in life, as the clue does not appear and courtyard correctly, just the damn default airport...
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    FSX ADE Crosswind runways

    Many thanks!
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    FSX ADE Crosswind runways

    I cant delete the fake runways... im delete and when compile or save, all back to list :(
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    FSX ADE Crosswind runways

    Here the file... and im close one runway for takeoff and other for landing.
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    FSX ADE Crosswind runways

    My crosswind runway is "ok", but im leave RWY10 open to takeoff and closed for landings and RWY15 open to landings and closed for takeoff... but... only RWY10 operational into FSX for both operations... whats happen?
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    FSX ADE Crosswind runways

    Many thanks to all that replied my doubt! Now compiles ok, i´ll run a test for see if traffic will be use one for landing and other for takeoff only.
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    FSX ADE Crosswind runways

    Hi people, im get this error when trying crosswind Compiler Errors Found. You may be able to fix these by clicking the Fix Errors button below. When you have done this, close this dialog and try to compiler again. The compiler message is shown below ScruffyDuck Scenery Design Engine Compiling...
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    A doubt... the first node after the parking spot is the "point" of pushback starting turn (if user choice shift+p+1 or p+2)? or this rule is only to AI traffic?
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    My last develop to be released this March. A C172N Bushplane-Cargoplane. Codename: Beast

    Will be very nice if one day you release the Embraer 110 bandeirante on "C" and "P" versions as payware with good interior like theses Cessna 172 that you made in last years
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    I'm working on aircraft... (2020)

    Sadly is not a JU52 :confused:, but good news of 247D
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    AI boats start point problem

    Sad to read this! Im trick with "boats", use a route for a bus (inserted on boats folder) starting into a point of scenery and cross to other point, also runs good, but after a week, the "traffic" is inoperative, the bus appear on start point, disappear sometimes and never start the...
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    Autogen building texture

    How i can see the textures used by autogen (houses and buildings not listed on autogen.bgl) for edit to give more "south america" feeling?
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    PWDT Let410 Paintkit

    Hi people, Anyone have or know where i can get the paintkit layered in PSD format for PWDT LET410 old but gold model?
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    FSX:SE Creating RNAV/GPS Approach

    Im really not understand the tutorial here in forum and sadness Jim Ville passed away many years ago. The charts are very simply.. but i cant do. RWY15 - RWY33 -...