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Recent content by wilevi93

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    Adding waypoints to ADE

    Hello all, I've created a tutorial on how to easily and quickly add waypoints to Airport Design Editor to be used for creating approaches. It's the first video tutorial I've made, so bear with me with all the "uh's and u'ms" http://precisionfsn.com/developers/
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    FS2004 Very low frame rates

    Ostensibly, more 3d objects means your computer will have to work harder to render them. Your computer, instead of compromising the number or quality of objects, is lowering the frame rates to stay within the computing capability of your machine.
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    Half baked idea

    It's a website allowing people to advertise prepar3d or FSX approaches or other navigation related addons for either freeware or payware. The difference from other sites like flightsim or avsim being that this one will make it easy to post frequently updated databases corresponding with the AIRAC.
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    Half baked idea

    It's a calculated risk. I've already put hours and effort into making several design projects, only to have them outmoded, so I kinda know what if feels like. My focus however is on frequently updated software. Something which nobody else seems to offer support for. I also might add that I...
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    Website of photos of old radios?

    You may not find much on the internet, but you often can find antique avionics still installed and used in older general aviation aircraft. (I have some experience in this regard.) Alternatively if you can find an aviation museum nearby; they might have an avionics display case.
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    Half baked idea

    Here's what I've been thinking: I was browsing through the SDK for Prepar3d, and saw the approaches section allows for the creation of SIDS and STARS. That's great; it's good to see they're expanding the simulator's capability. It still doesn't solve the problem of how to update the...
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    update the FSX static navigation data

    Well, you can at least try it. The waypoint update is very easy to uninstall. (And it's free)
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    update the FSX static navigation data

    I was aware of the problems involved in doing this project. (I did do research and testing). What I did was completely remove stock navaid data, and replace it with updated information from public domain sources. I also included the navaid's associated waypoints so any change in VOR location...
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    update the FSX static navigation data

    I did! (At least for waypoint/fixes and for navaids) you can find it here http://precisionfsn.com/
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    Night textures and seasonal textures?

    I don't understand that answer either, It's like he didn't read the question. Anyway, I assume your using FSX. Using the resample tool, the SDK says you can specify LightMap under the Variation parameter, but it is used as the lightmap during all months.
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    GPX to FS XML python script

    Hello all, I wrote a simple python script that parses GPX files from navaid.com that contain navaid and waypoint/fix data into the Flight Simulator X Navaid XML format, which can be compiled into BGL. The reason I'm giving up on the navaid project is someone else came up and did it better than I...
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    MS Flight to be released end of February

    I'm personally looking to switch to X-plane or Prepar3d. A Hawaii-only simulator isn't in my line of development.
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    Logo request

    You should probably come up with something like that on your own. This is what I'd do. If you live in Colorado, take pictures of one of the airports you developed (real world) with a background of mountains or wilderness etc. Then open that file in Photoshop or GIMP or PSP etc. Crop the picture...
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    For me, It has to be something I want work on. It's a lot of time and effort that goes into a project, and I want to be able to enjoy it. :) I also take into account what demand there is for the project; if it is something that has already been done well, then I'll move onto something else.
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    FSX Extra 300L Project

    Because, it's cool!! On a more serious note, the impact on frame-rates may be a little much. You must have some detailed plans for the aircraft!