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Recent content by Xanatos4

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    Panama Airport Tocumen Intl. (MPTO) 2021: In Progress!!!

    T1 Parking Area and Electrical Station Area Update: As always still things to fix here and there, figuring out all this area has been sort of a nightmare and also you have to consider that the Satellite Image Im using as reference to match everything does not match the applied...
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    Panama Airport Tocumen Intl. (MPTO) 2021: In Progress!!!

    Setting the T2 Parking Lot:
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    Panama Airport Tocumen Intl. (MPTO) 2021: In Progress!!!

    Thanks! Well thanks for that info, had no idea on that, most pics that line looks preety much red, but there's one Pic where its like a very intense orange, its still more in the Red Spectrum but not totally so its like an intense orange, I will change it =P Btw been struggling into modelling...
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    Panama Airport Tocumen Intl. (MPTO) 2021: In Progress!!!

    Some updates, have done All signs for streets already and started placing the Taxi Signs, those are really hard to figure out because I have no documentation on them other than randomly spotting them in pictures and videos as well as just making up others.
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    Panama Airport Tocumen Intl. (MPTO) 2021: In Progress!!!

    Hahhaha, Damn I JUST tried to get those today XD, with no success =/ Its a shame you cant subdivide the area of the airport, not enough polygons to support tiny depresions. Thanks for the File, gonna check it out!
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    Panama Airport Tocumen Intl. (MPTO) 2021: In Progress!!!

    Oh would be glad! Sure thanks! Yea I stopped messing with terraforming and polygons when it totally screwed my taxiways, but could keep giving it a try.
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    Panama Airport Tocumen Intl. (MPTO) 2021: In Progress!!!

    Thanks Guys! And thanks dale in cda! Oh I think I never saw your version, have only seen 2 so far, one from 2018 or 19 which was also for Xplane 11 and one made by some Chinese I believe, and I know those would have been massive works at its moment but they seem somewhat obsolete now, so I...
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    The Hub of the Americas MPTO

    Hey man! I know Im super late for this, but Im on it and trying to make the best out of it 🙈: https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/panama-airport-tocumen-intl-mpto-2021-in-progress.452771/#post-884071
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    Panama Airport Tocumen Intl. (MPTO) 2021: In Progress!!!

    Hey Guys, this is something I wanted to make from long time ago and I finally got the time to start working on it, Already 3 months in, its taking a lot of time since I'm on my own and the Amount of Research this has required is HUGE for every aspect of its functionallity as well as its visual...
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    No Taxiway Instructions from ATC?

    Hello, Can someone tell me what is going on here? I reached my limit on trying to figure out what Im doing wrong...
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    ATC does not acknowledge Taxiways

    Hello, so I'm attempting to make a somewhat big airport, took all real references for the Taxiways, have connected and named everything according to the tutorials but its just not working and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong at this point When I build the package I receive no errors...