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    FSXA How to make waterpoly have flowing effects?

    Thank you.:)I now have learned that Legacy_LandWaterMask_Water_NoFlatten is a FS9 water polygon,it did not act as the same as the FSX water polygon in simulation.Maybe it's only used for backward compatibility,and it's not advised by FSX. The FSX water polygons,as we see in SDK documents,are...
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    FSXA How to make waterpoly have flowing effects?

    Hi, I'm now having a waterpoly data complied to Legacy_LandWaterMask_Water_NoFlatten and it successfully works.However,I find that where it defined the water just shows a general water,it does not have a flowing water effect.So,on some steep spots,the water is not showed naturally at all.This...
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    FSXA How to Find ICAO code in a BGL file ?

    Hello everyone! I am thinking about finding the icao code in a BGL file of a airport.If the filename is including a ICAO code like "ZBAA_ADEX_ADE.bgl" ,the ICAO code of the BGL is easy to find.But some file like "lightobj.bgl" is hard to be identified.The usual method is to open the BGL with AFX...