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    USGS TNM DEM Conversion Problem

    Thanks for the briefing Gary! My mesh is currently showing well, but I have yet to add the 'no data' areas. (Will be doing that next week.) This sounds like one of those wonderful FSX quirks that would have taken me a week to sort out on my own. cheers!
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    USGS TNM DEM Conversion Problem

    Hello Gary! Thank you very much for your detailed reply, and I hope you will pardon my terribly slow response! (Work has had me underwater for the past few weeks). As always, you are a gold-standard resource for our community and your generosity is very much appreciated! I am working on a few...
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    USGS TNM DEM Conversion Problem

    Hello guys, I'm having a bit of a problem with the current NED/3DEP data available from the USGS TNM. Basically, when I run the .img file through gdal_translate or gdalwarp, it returns an all-white Geotiff. From what I can tell, the current elevation dataset doesn't have the UTM Zone in the...
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    How to quickly color correct raw sattelite images?

    I have used Metrix, with mixed results. What doesn't seem to be documented, is that Metrix will only read a part of the target image, if you happen to have it selected with the marquee. Makes for very changeable results. I have had the most consistent success with this method: For the...
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    ARNO, thank you.

    Here here! Thank you Arno! :)
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    Suggestions: Settings for Feature Detect on Buildings

    First of all, a massive thank you to Arno for this wonderful tool! I have been doing a lot of photoreal lately, and the ease and accuracy of placing vegetation with scenproc is fantastic! Currently I am working on an area with little GIS data, and would like to use the DetectFeatures...
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    Tutorial for Low Poly cars.

    Lovely tutorial Tic. Thank you!
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    Can one create a 'bat file' that will copy files to places?

    Certainly you can, Bill. See Mr. Robinson's examples in this thread:
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    Some names make you smile...

    Peniston Oils @ Top Gear was genius. The other door of the car read "Arse biscuit" when opened! There are a series of towns in Pennsylvania, which may (or may not be) intentionally provocative: Intercourse, PA. Which is surrounded by towns named Blue Ball, Virginville, Bird-in-Hand and...
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    P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida

    Hi Jim, I absolutely remember the truck. Looks like you've ditched the diamond-plate bed box as well... glad to see you are getting some use out of the model. :)
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    P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida

    C'mon Jim, you know what's (Mc)Calling you!! :):)
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    P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida

    Beautiful work, esp. the PR color matching. I don't fly much in Florida, but will be donating just to encourage this kind of effort (and with a small hope that we will see your McCall released at some point) :) Also, I actually like the sign "as-is" LOL! Great stuff Jim.
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    Rivets in Photoshop??

    Also, to save time on straight lines, you don't even need a path. Just set up your custom brush, then hold down CTRL key and left mouse will constrain the brush to a straight line. Even better, holding down CTRL and left clicking two points will draw a straight line between them. cheers. :)
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    FSX USGS Projection

    Thanks Arno. I had just found my way to gdal_merge about an hour ago. Testing now. I appreciate your response, and will research more carefully before asking questions.
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    FSX USGS Projection

    Thank you guys. Arno - I had forgotten that gdalinfo would do that. I'll take a look. Regarding reprojection, yes, I've had that problem before when combining reprojected images. So, if you reproject the whole mosaic, what would you choose for the bounding coordinates, since they differ...