3-D Lights - For Prepar3Dv4

3-D Lights - For Prepar3Dv4 Version 1.00

3-D Lights - For Prepar3Dv4

This 3-D light library includes various 3-D lights. There are lights that are visible only from one side, while other lights are visible from both sides as well as from above. And there are lights that indicate on the one side a different color than on the opposite side.

The 3-D lights are attached to the respective 3-D model as a library object. The Modelconverterx from Arno Gerretsen is good for this.

beacon light / for rotation beacon lights
blue light / for Taxi lights
centerlight / for Centerline lights
green light / for runway end lights
red light / for Obstacle lights
red/green light / for replaced threshold lights
white light / for runway edge lights
white/red / for replaced treshold lights

The zip archive contains sample files (Test Scenery). These BGL files show the 3-D lights at the runway of KHAF Half Moon Bay.

Please note that the terms of use have changed!

Legal notice
With this download you agree to read and comply with the terms of use. The terms of use can be found in the zip archive in the Info.txt file. This also applies retrospectively.
The data in this zip archive are released for free use. The data may be copied, edited, altered and published again. Use of the data for commercial and non-commercial use is also free. The creator of these 3-D Lights reserves the right to withdraw the right of use from individual users or their labels. The right of use provides that:

Anyone who defames and/or disseminates untruths and/or slanders and/or disseminates fake news, who disseminates racist content and/or right-wing extremist content is deprived of the right of use for all data contained in the 3-D Lights package. In this case, written permission from the copyright holder is required to continue using the 3-D Lights. Anyone who continues to use the 3-D Lights without permission despite violating the terms of use commits a violation of copyright and the terms of use.

Sample Screenshots


No problems with cloud flickering


... green lights from this side


... red lights from this view

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Christian Bahr
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  1. Changed terms of use

    Please note that the terms of use have changed! With this download you agree to read and comply...