3ds-Max to fs9 exporter

3ds-Max to fs9 exporter 1.0

The 3ds-Max to fs9 maxscript utility allows you to export 3d objects from 3ds-Max to the 'Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004' directX x file format. The 'x' file exported from 3ds-Max can then be converted to fs-2004 'mdl' model using the fs-2004 MakeMDL SDK, either as a scenery or aircraft object.

The 3ds-Max to fs9 maxscript utility acts as an alternative to the fs-2004 Gmax gamepack SDK mdl-exporter but with added support for exporting custom normals.

The utility works with 3ds-Max version 2008 and above.

Data supported for export
  1. Mesh geometry
  2. UVs (channel-1)
  3. Materials (standard and multi-material)
  4. Animations (position and rotation)
  5. Custom part attachments (set using the fs-2004 'Gmax gamepack SDK' attach-tool)
  6. Custom face vertex-normals
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