Animated Character for P3D

Animated Character for P3D 1.00

Anyone who has ever wanted to deal with the topic of character design and character animation in P3D, for whom there are now the source files of a character. The male person contained in the archive is prepared for immediate export to P3D.

The package contains a) the source files and b) the already exported MDL file, which can be used immediately in the P3D.

There is a character with animations and a character without animations. The character 1 has animations, the character 2 has no animations and is in the so-called T-position. There is also an animation file and there are different skins for the character. As texture, the project is accompanied by a Photoshop file and a DDS file.

I hope that other developers will deal with this topic and maybe make us happy with nice character animations soon :)

The data in this zip archive are released for free use. The data may be copied, edited, altered and published again. Use of the data for commercial and non-commercial use is also free.



Animated Character


Not animated Character in T-Position
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