Animated Windsocks

Animated Windsocks Version 2.0

Anyone who has ever wanted to deal with the topic of animated windsocks in FSX/P3D, for whom there are now the source files of a three windsocks: still/medium/fast. This makes them ideal for use with SODE. The Windsocks are Bones/Skin animated.

The package contains a) the source files and b) the already exported MDL files, which can be used immediately in the FSX/P3D. As texture, the project is accompanied by a Photoshop file and a DDS file.

Please note that the terms of use have changed!

Legal notice
With this download you agree to read and comply with the terms of use. The terms of use can be found in the zip archive in the Info.txt file. This also applies retrospectively.
The data in this zip archive are released for free use. The data may be copied, edited, altered and published again. Use of the data for commercial and non-commercial use is also free. The creator of these windsocks reserves the right to withdraw the right of use from individual users or their labels. The right of use provides that:

Anyone who defames and/or disseminates untruths and/or slanders and/or disseminates fake news, who disseminates racist content and/or right-wing extremist content is deprived of the right of use for all data contained in the windsocks package. In this case, written permission from the copyright holder is required to continue using the 3windsocks. Anyone who continues to use the windsocks without permission despite violating the terms of use commits a violation of copyright and the terms of use.

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    Please note that the terms of use have changed! With this download you agree to read and comply...
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    In this update, the missing Windsock pole has been added as MDL file

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Can you tell me, "How to Install?"
Christian Bahr
Christian Bahr
Hi. You have two options. Either you place one of the three windsocks as a normal 3-D object within a BGL file, or you place the windsocks with SODE. If you place the windsock as a BGL file, it will be animated, but it will not spin dynamically into the wind. If the windsock is supposed to turn dynamically into the wind, then you have to place it (all three) in SODE. How it works with SODE is here:
Great Addon!