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Blender2FSX Toolkit - "Getting Started Guide" 2017-02-23

I have created a series of 6 small documents that are intended to get everyone (newcomers and experienced modelers) up to speed in a uniform way when it comes to:
- Installing and configuring Blender (v2.77a),
- Installing and configuring the Blender2FSX scripts (on computer and inside Blender),
- Installing the ModelConvertorX tool

These documents contain a lot! of links to relevant:
-> websites,
-> free ebooks
-> Youtube videos
to get you going quickly with Blender (from "absolute beginner" to "advanced modeling" level)

I've also included "Developer grade background material" links to "the heavy stuff" like:
- Internal file formats (Blender, X, XToMdl.exe, FSX)
- Python documentation, tutorials
- Blender Python - API interface
- Blender Python - add-on script creation

If you have any feedback, tips for improvement, send me a [PM]
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