Blender2P3D/FSX toolset

Blender2P3D/FSX toolset 0.98.21

Blender2P3D/FSX is an addon for the latest version of Blender: 2.8x.
It is a continuation of the work performed by various members of the fsdeveloper community to bring you Blender2FSX. This new toolset features a new UI, incorporation of Blender's new shader graph, full PBR support and more.

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Latest updates

  1. Update to 0.98.21

    Changelog (4.06.2020): Huge change! Implemented a new interface to set up textures...
  2. Update to 0.98.01

    Changelog (27.04.2020): Removed the full path of the strings for fresnel, reflection and detail...
  3. Update to 0.98.00

    Changelog (19.04.2020): Support for the Prepar3d v5 SDK New way of selection and the storage of...

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This is a big improvement over previous versions, and a must-have for aircraft or scenery developers who use Blender.
essential program