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Blender2P3D/FSX toolset

Blender2P3D/FSX toolset 0.98.21

Changelog (4.06.2020):
  • Huge change! Implemented a new interface to set up textures, synchronized with the node tree of the material. Read about it in the support thread and in the updated wiki!
  • Fixed issues with the detail and bump map scaling
  • Updated armature animations. It is now possible to assign individual bones with different animation tags in Pose mode.
  • Visibility tags are now displayed in the same way that animation tags are listed. This was done to de-clutter an unreadable drop-down list when too many visibility tags were present.
  • Added leading "/" to the paths of the P3D/FSX SDK. This should help the addon finding your SDK properly.
  • Fresnel map texture filenames are now correctly converted to .dds/.bmp
  • Changed the default reflection value of specular material to "0"

  • Tested and approved for Blender 2.83!
Changelog (27.04.2020):
  • Removed the full path of the strings for fresnel, reflection and detail maps
  • Added support for armatures
  • Fixed the paths to the P3Dv2 and P3Dv3 SDKs
Changelog (19.04.2020):
  • Support for the Prepar3d v5 SDK
  • New way of selection and the storage of the SDK information
  • Included the "reflection map" option for PBR materials (b-channel of the metallic texture)
  • Fixed the issue with material without textures not being exported
  • Changed lat and lon values back to string to deal with the precision problem
  • Limited the emmissive mode of PBR material to "additive" and "additivenightonly", as per sdk.
  • Added forks for the z-bias parameter, depending on the selected SDK
  • Added metallic and smoothness values to the .x file, reading the inverted default value of the bsdf node.
  • "Other Texture Info" is now only available for the applicable SDK (p3dv4 & p3dv5).
Changelog (08.04.2020):
  • Fixed another issue with virtual cockpit textures
  • added "scenery complexity" and "Altitude is AGL" as properties in the scenery tool
  • changed the scenery data fields to floating point variables and limited the input to acceptable ranges
  • It is now possible to change between meters and feet in the altitude setting of the scenery tool
  • Fixed some typos
  • Changed the default behavior of the UV-inverter in the shader graph
Changelog (05.04.2020):
  • changed the name of the logfile to include the name of the exported model
  • add z-bias property back to specular material
  • fixed an issue with virtual cockpit texture names
Changelog (29.03.2020):
  • scenery panel: Added a list to save location information in a local data file.
  • Re-structuring of the SDK initialization
  • Implemented SirCommand's texture flip algorithm to the shader graph. It is currently up for discussion if this feature should become part of the addon.