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Find My Plane

Find My Plane Beta 0.8.1

Find My Plane is a simple, no-nonsense navigation map which allows you to track your flight in MSFS from any device - PC, Mac, iPad, phone - and from any network.


Key features:
  • Simple setup with no configuration required: no signups, no passwords
  • Runs on any device which runs a web browser - and it runs through the internet so will work on any network, perfect for those who stream the game
  • Free and open source
  • Beautiful maps, including an option for selected aviation data, which you can customise to your preference (have a look at an example flight here 10)
  • Overlay a flight plan created in SimBrief, the simulator itself or any other software which can produce .PLN files
  • Find your friends: all other users’ flights are also displayed in real time, making meet-ups easy
  • Flexible: either download the Find My Plane client, or if you’re already running the Fly By Wire A320neo then just search by your flight number (Note: I am not affiliated with Fly By Wire, I’m just using their public API)
  • Open API: easy way for other developers to integrate Find My Plane in their own projects using a free, open REST API
  • Update since Alpha: Client software now has a simple GUI and installer rather than running in a command line

Another nav map??
There are a load of great VFR maps out there (most notably LittleNavMap) but the things that differentiate Find My Plane are the ability to run it anywhere, how quickly you can get it up and running and the ability to display multiple flights at the same time.

Installation process
  • Download the client software available at FindMyPlane.live (it’s totally free, very lightweight and won’t impact performance)
  • You can download either a Windows Installer or the simple executable file
  • (Alternatively if you know what you’re doing with python then you can download the source code from github)
  • The client software will give you a unique 5 character code (eg ABCDE)
  • Visit findmyplane.live and type this code in - your map will load
  • DONE!
The site also integrates with the FlyByWire A320neo API so if you’re flying their plane then you don’t even need to download the client: just type your flight number into the site and it will track immediately. (Note: I am not affiliated with Fly By Wire and this software is not endorsed by them - I’m just accessing their public API)


I take your security and privacy very seriously, which is why you will never be asked to provide an email address, I collect no identifying information about you or your computer and the code is open-source and available to inspect.

The executable file you will download has been digitally signed and has been submitted to Microsoft, Avast and MalwareBytes to confirm that it is free of malware.

Integrating into your own product
The Find My Plane API is open and free to use, and easy to integrate into your own projects.

For instance, if you have a product/tool which runs locally on the user's machine to access simulation data you can very easily send this data to the Find My Plane API through http and then direct your user to the moving map - or indeed pull the data out yourself for another purpose.

Full Swagger API docs are available at https://findmyplane.live/api. If you have questions, API feature requests or anything doesn't work please raise an issue on github.

This is freeware and open source. I don’t want your money, but I do want your suggestions, ideas, bug reports and - if you know how to code - your code contributions to improve this!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in the air soon!
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