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Flight Dynamics in MSFS V1.0 2016-03-02

This PDF-document gives a deeper view at the flight dynamics model incorporated in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, FSX and Prepa3D. It mainly analyses the interactions between the parameters in the airplane configuration files (aircraft.cfg and *.air) with focus on forces (lift, drag, side force) and turning moments (pitch, roll, yaw). It describes the relevant parameters and summarizes the findings in text, formulas and tables.

This paper is intended as an addition to the MS SDK. The findings are all based on many flight tests in FS2004, FSX and P3D.

The target audiences are FDE designers of add-on planes who already have some basic knowledge about the modeling of flight dynamics in MSFS such as stability derivatives.

Version 1.0 covers:

- Aircraft reference points
- Weight & Balance (MAC calculation, Moments of Inertia)
- Aerodynamic forces (lift, drag, side force) and propulsion forces (thrust)
- Aerodynamic moments (pitch, roll, yaw) and propulsion forces (thrust and propeller effects)
- List of aircraft.cfg and AIR-file parameters (marking the inactive ones)

This is freeware. Please read the document for legal notes and credits.
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