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FSX Land Class Catalog and Visual Reference v3 (Nov 2012) 2019-01-08

This package contains an "evolving" version of my FSX land class catalog and visual reference. Its main purpose is to help with converting FS2004 land class files to the FSX system and to guide new projects in terms of class selection.

The catalog .xls file requires MS EXCEL or software that can read .xls files.

The spreadsheet contains a separate page with notes explaining the different columns and codes. If you're not familiar with the terms used please refer to the FSX Terrain SDK documents or search the scenery development forums at the public FS sites. Please understand that I don't have the time to provide one-on-one support for land class development! ;-)

I included the land class test scenery ("Texture Gallery CEE8 FSX.bgl") and EZ-Landclass source files I set up in northern Canada (based on the EZ-Landclass test file made by Russel Dirks, extended for FSX use) as well as a flight situation that will place you at the NW corner of the test file (Class 0) in case you want to look at different seasons or take your own screenshots.

Also included are custom region files covering the same area as the test scenery. Adding the appropriate region file to the same scenery folder as "Texture Gallery CEE8 FSX.bgl" forces FSX to display the class textures associated with that region. The screenshots in the attachment show the same class (35) with an added Region A (Europe Germanic) file and without it (i.e., the local Region B).

I've included custom region files for Regions A, C, E, F, and X as well as the .tif file for deriving other values/regions. The regions are coded from A=0 to Z=25.
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