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GeoimageProcessor - Water and Blend Mask Automation Tool 3.11

Shapefile to raster processor for water and blend masking for FSX and Prepar3d using FSEartiles BMP source images and AreaEarthInf**.txt files, as well as using TIF files that contain geolocation information.

Update 18 Jun 2019:
Latest version has a lot of optimizations including a major change to the shell console in that the tool runs solely in a single shell instance to avoid popping up during other operations you are doing. The tool now remains running in the background!

Updated README.txt and added shapefile for all land area with clipped water areas for a single water type mask operation.

You can download Aerial Imagery TIF files from Land Information New Zealand with Common Attributions licensing allowing commercial use as well:

FS Earth Tile BMP images can be obtained from the FSET program not for commercial use. Just copy the AeraEarthInf.txt files into the AreaEarthInf folder and the source BMP images to the respective FSET Source imagery folder and run the GeoimageProcessor.bay file in the "Program" folder.

If you have GIS water data for your desired location then you can use that data. This tool is not restricted to any specific location. I'm just up-selling the availability of Aerial Imagery from our own source.


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