GIMP: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (EM) (Part 1)

GIMP: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (EM) (Part 1) v1.6

GIMP: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (EM) (Part 1) v1.6 for FSX, FSX: SE, and P3D.
PDF file containing instructions GIMP v2.10.xx & GIMP v2.8.xx Only.

Note: In versions P3D v3.1 and later, if the user has the “Dynamic Reflection” set at “Low” or higher, none of your Environment Maps (EM) will be used (for both in aircraft and scenery).
Note: GIMP v2.10.10 (recently updated) has a built-in DDS plug-in. If you plan to update to v2.10.10 from a prior version with the plug-in installed, please remove the "dds.exe" from the directory location: Drive:\...Program Files\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins...

GIMP v2.10.xx & v2.8.xx (prior to v2.10.10):
Both the GIMP DDS Plug-in and GIMP Cubemap Layers Generator are Required.

a. GIMP-DDS Plug-in (32-bit or 64-bit “.zip” File). Make sure you get the latest release.​

Install: Drive:\Program Files (x86) \GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins​

b. GIMP Cubemap Layers Generator:​

The original location for the Cubemap Layers Generator Plugin has closed and is no longer available. The versions of GIMP, both the v2.8.xx and the latest, v2.10.xx, require this plugin in creating an Environment Map (EM). We have made it available to download here. The directions to install this plugin are within the .zip file – “Readme_cubemap-layers-gen”.​
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