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Parking/Gate Ground Numbers 001 - 1000 Ver.1.2019

This a a set of BMP and DDS files that make up the ground taxiway numbers. Each plate is set on a 100 nunber group i.e. 1- 100, 101 to 200 etc

Colouring is yellow font on a black background.

Numbers 1 through to 99 have a preceding zero(s) just added in the event the user requires this - Those wishing not to use the preceding Zeros may adjust the "box" size in ADE in the normal way to eliminate one or more zeros.

No ground texture has been added to the font plates which will allow the user to add their specific requirements based on the type of surface they are using if so required.

Loaded in to ADE as Texture (DDS file) and Texture_DPY for the BMP files. -

Users will need to make an entry in the ADE TEXTURE_Def_Base text file i.e. gp_NUM-ARR_Yellow_501-600|20F|20F|20F|true
(using Notebook)

An entry will be required for EACH plate used with the user changing the numbers following "Yellow_ " to the plate name added i.e. 001-200, or 201-300 etc.

Use of the Shape helper in ADE is recommended and set to 3.5mtr wide 2.5mtr high as the average ground marker size

For personal and freeware use by the community -
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