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I've written this small tool to enable the continued use of FSXKML after Google Earth changed its KML format ever so slightly.

There is only 1 file here and no special installation is necessary. It can be run from anywhere.

You must however run it as an Administrator as it writes some values to the registry (file locations etc) as it doesn't use a seperate .ini file. If you dont do this, it will return a error.

If you want to run the full functionality, you should set the FSXKML location and the location of the fsx_kml.ini file as well (usually in c:\windows).

If you do set the file locations, when you choose Exit from the menu (and only when you choose Exit) then the program makes a backup of the .ini file in its current location and changes the FSXKML file locations in it and fires up FSXKML so that you can edit straight away.

No Changes are made to any file except the KML file you choose to convert and the .ini file that is backed up.

Have fun with this and hope it helps!

I've run this on a x64 Win 7 Enterprise machine and it works fine - should work on everything else.

Written using VB 2012 and .Net 4.5 so you might need libraries for that if it asks.

This is version 2 and has been updated for .net 4.5.

PM me (Angelus1971) or use the email address in the About window for any problems.
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