SBuilderX Cleanup

SBuilderX Cleanup 1.11

SBuilderX Cleanup is a simple batch file that I created to clean up the unnecessary files and folders that SBuilderX stores on your computer after using the tile server. This is a very powerful tool if you have limited drive space.

  1. Place batch script inside of your SBuilderX directory.
  2. Create desktop icon. (Optional)
  3. Double click on batch to run.

Do you use a SBuilderX tile server that is currently not supported by SBuilderX Cleanup? Send me an email with a link to
download the tile server, or the name of it's generated folder and I'll do the rest!

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    v1.11 Removed the already cleaned message as it didn't function as expected.
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    v1.10 Reworked scripting to remove error messages that occurred when a folder didn't exist...
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    v1.09 Added cleaning support for "DeLorme_World_Base_Map" server. Added cleaning support for...