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XMLTOOLS 2.01: XML expansion module for FSX Version 2.01

This module contains a group of C++ classes aimed to provide extra functions to XML gauges.

Now including LOGGER file management class by Robbie McElrath.

Some of these classes are in fact development tools for XML programmers while others were planned to enhance what is currently available for XML panel’s development.

The objective in this case is to associate different C++ callback functions in a single library (.dll) that is loaded by FS at startup, so they are available to any panel without the need of adding individual C++ gauges and/or modules to do the task. Future versions of XMLTools might include sound, advanced graphics and any other specific functionality users may come up with and request.

A group of example and utility gauges are also provided with this release as a guide on how to properly make XML code interact with each one of the module classes.

XMLTools classes:

Included in v2.01:

XMLVARS v2.0: a class to handle custom variables, including strings, in single/array format.
LOCALVARS v1.0: a class to manage data from local (L) variables actives in the current flight.
XMLEVENTS v1.1: a class that enhances the management of standard and custom events.
SIMVARS v1.1: a class that enables direct writing of specific aircraft (A) variables.
XMLTABLES v1.0: a class used to extract values from nonlinear/multicolumn tables.
XMLKEYS v1.0: a class that enables custom key events.
LOGGER v2.0: Robbie McElrath’s class for handling file I/O using XML code.
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