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XMLVars for FSX and FS2004 1.02

A module for handling XML vars: This small but powerful module enables the use of custom variables -kind of LVars- for storing and retrieving data across the entire gaugeset of an aircraft panel. Like Lvars, this variables can have any name, can hold numeric values of any kind and, unlike LVars, can also handle string values. Besides, they can handle *standard* multidimension array-style manipulation of data, a powerful tool that is not possible to work with through the native LVarset unless a complex group of macros is suited for the task.

XMLVARS supports storing and retrieving a total of 2048 different variables, with names up to 64 char, numeric values of type FLOAT64 and string values up to 128 char. It can minimize the use of repetitive code in complex gauges like FMS, Navigation Display, TCAS and similar as one of its strongest points is the ability to maintain variable values across the different gauges, like Lvars do (and most gpsvars don't). However, unlike LVars, those values still remain even after an aircraft reload, aircraft change or flight reset; something that could be useful for debugging purposes. In this case, making a RELOAD_USER_AIRCRAFT in FSX equals to make RELOAD_PANELS in FS9 (a powerful event for developers that was lost in FSX).

XMLVARS was tested in FSX and FS9 (FS2004) under Windows Vista and Windows 7 64 bits.
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Thank you, this is an amazing tool and a must have for writing XML gauge code. Greetings from Mexico!