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  1. HiFlyer

    Hi, I would be interested in seeing how your ships react to my system! (especially FPS and any...

    Hi, I would be interested in seeing how your ships react to my system! (especially FPS and any issues that might occur in VR) Intel Core i7 8700K @ 5.0GHz / 32.0GB G.SKILL Ram / ZOTAC GeForce® RTX 2080 Ti / Sound Blaster Z / Oculus Rift / Klipsch® Promedia Computer Speakers /ROG SWIFT 27" IPS...
  2. HiFlyer

    OUTERRA RETURNS! Latest version: (64-bit)

    Outerra: new mig29 mod with missiles, bombs etc (release)
  3. HiFlyer

    OUTERRA RETURNS! Latest version: (64-bit)

    Update Released: * enhanced tree shading, shadows * better tree age distribution * fixed vehicle/aircraft set_fps_camera_ypr * fixed vehicle script reload * fixed ambient sounds, set_interior_sound_attenuation * fbx import - 3ds max skin import issue fixed, clamping of pivot offset...
  4. HiFlyer

    MSFS True to Life

    You guys are smiling. But you can betcha that in real life there is actually somebody out there livid that his house is missing, and he/she is going full angry Donald duck.
  5. HiFlyer

    OUTERRA RETURNS! Latest version: (64-bit)

    Awac9 has always had a terrible computer, but even with low settings and no AA active, you can see some promise, here.
  6. HiFlyer

    OUTERRA RETURNS! Latest version: (64-bit)

    Andfly has been on that scene for years, and anything she puts out is guaranteed to be unique and creative.
  7. HiFlyer

    OUTERRA RETURNS! Latest version: (64-bit)

    Just in case anyone here might be slightly interested....... * 64-bit version * 3D trees * global city dataset * global imagery resolution 20m (adjustable, default 40m, demo mode 160m) * forest map resolution 10m (adjustable, default 20m, demo mode 80m) * dynamic environment...
  8. HiFlyer

    Outerra 2019

  9. HiFlyer

    Outerra 2019

    So, I know this is still off the beaten track, especially as the FS community still orbits Microsoft, but here are some interesting fun factoids. 1) Microprose is back, and in the sim business, and has announced at least two upcoming simulation titles, of which one is definitely a flightsim...
  10. HiFlyer

    New Steam-Beta Update Released for Aerofly FS2 (PC)

    Ipacs released a new beta update as well as a new update for mobile, adding numerous bug fixes and some new features for the A320, B777 and B747. https://www.aerofly.com/community/blog/index.php?entry/14-new-steam-beta-update-released-for-aerofly-fs-pc/ Please note that not all items were...
  11. HiFlyer

    France VFR Announces Paris - Ile-de-France for AFS2 soon available

  12. HiFlyer

    B777-300ER now released! New Steam Beta with many updates waiting for you :)

    From Ipacs Via Jet-pack (jan) https://www.aerofly.com/community/forum/index.php?thread/15365-b777-300er-now-released-new-steam-beta-with-many-updates-waiting-for-you/&pageNo=1 Great news everyone! The Boeing B777-300ER is now available for the PC Version in the Steam Beta Channel! More...
  13. HiFlyer

    White House Announcement: Release-worldwide-high-resolution-srtm-data-30m

    My bad, then. Just popped up on my feed, today for some reason
  14. HiFlyer

    White House Announcement: Release-worldwide-high-resolution-srtm-data-30m

    Interesting. One wonders what other types of data might be released, and what effect that might have in particular for simulation/scenery developers. https://digital-geography.com/…-resultion-srtm-data-30m/
  15. HiFlyer

    Freeware Tecnam 2008 For Aerofly FS2 PC Released

    The eagerly awaited Tecnam 2008 project by Sydel7912 Is now released! Happy Holidays!
  16. HiFlyer

    Aerofly/Ipacs Announces Boeing 777-300ER

    https://www.aerofly.com/community/forum/index.php?thread/15278-boeing-777-300er/ Dear Aerofly Fans, We're happy to announce one of the many new projects we've been working on! For quite some time it has been the aircraft with the most powerful jet-engines in the world, only surpassed by it's...