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  1. Vitus

    MSFS Offering 1-on-1 courses in MSFS development

    Good afternoon! There might a lot of you who are a bit lost or overwhelmed when it comes to MSFS development. And while there are already a lot of resources out there, it is still a tedious and lengthy process to get started with the new sim. I would like to offer my services to help you...
  2. Vitus

    MSFS Blender Export settings to get things done.

    Since this seems to pop up over and over again, let me show you how it's done. 1. Select the objects you would like to export. Press "A" if you want to export everything: 2. Go to File->Export and select the "extended glTF 2.0 for MSFS. 3. A wild export-dialog appears. 4. Make changes to...
  3. Vitus

    MSFS Blender2MSFS support thread

    This is the support thread for the Blender2MSFS toolkit, which you can find in the Resources of fsdeveloper under Scenery->Tools. Reply in this thread to post any questions, comments or suggestions in regards to the toolkit itself. This toolkit was made possible by the generous donations and...
  4. Vitus

    MSFS Primer to 3D asset creation for MSFS

    The following information is a primer for asset creation for MSFS. Information presented here is meant as a supplement to the documentation found in the official SDK. Described here are some of the more important aspects of 3D asset design, especially those that are fundamentally different to...
  5. Vitus

    MSFS Blender to MSFS Exporter on day one?

    Dear Friends, I'm happy to announce that there will be Blender2MSFS toolkit uploaded to the fsdeveloper resource section on the 18th of August! I want to give you all a quick heads-up here, while avoiding some pitfalls of the NDA... :duck: While I worked hard to get as many features as I...
  6. Vitus

    P3D v4 Weird shading issues

    Hi guys, I hope you can help me out with this little problem I'm having. Here's my pilot in FSX:SE: Converting everything to P3Dv4, now my pilot looks like this: Any idea what could cause this and how to fix it?
  7. Vitus

    Blender Blender 2.83.2 released

    The Blender Foundation released an update of Blender to version 2.83.2. To be found at the usual location: https://www.blender.org/download/ This is predominantly a bug-fixing version and I haven't tested it yet with our toolset. I don't think there will be any surprises though. Furthermore...
  8. Vitus

    FSX:SE Did Microsoft update the FSX:SE flight model?!

    Did anyone else recently work on the flight dynamics for FSX:SE? I subscribed to the FSX:SE open beta program and it looks like they changed how the flight model is being determined. All the variables from the .air file seem to be copied into the aircraft.cfg when you first start an aircraft and...
  9. Vitus

    P3D v4 P3Dv4/5 windshield effects

    Hi guys, I am trying to locate the windshield effect file the P3D SDK is talking about here: http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv5/sdk/modeling/3ds_max/modeling/new_aircraft_procedures.html#WindshieldEffects I couldn't locate in the SDK folder. Any clues?
  10. Vitus

    Blender Blender 2.83 released!

    Head over here and get the latest stable version of Blender: https://www.blender.org/download/releases/2-83/ Some cool new features - I love the cloth brushes they added. Also note that this is the "LTS" version of Blender, so if you don't like to update and upgrade on a regular basis, this...
  11. Vitus

    FSX:SE Skinned mesh object as a child of something else?

    Hi folks, I'm having some trouble with skinned mesh animations and how create a working scene hierarchy with them. I am using an empty object to generate vibrations in the VC. Essentially, all objects of the cockpit are children of the shaker object. I also have a few skinned mesh objects and...
  12. Vitus

    Suggestion: read fallbacks from the texture.cfg file

    Hi Arno, There's one tiny-little thing about the modelconverterX that always gets me a bit annoyed: when reading the materials, the tool currently doesn't take into consideration the fallbacks for the texture. I am using a shared resource folder for textures and sounds that are used by different...
  13. Vitus

    Blender Shading issues when exporting the model

    Good evening! I'm moving on with my projects and I am at a stage where I'd like to see the models in the sim. But due to the law of I-can-never-have-nice-things, there's issues and I would like to get your input to produce a better result. There's two issues I am having trouble with. 1. some of...
  14. Vitus

    P3D v4 Fresnel ramp for props using the PBR render pipeline

    The old specular material let us add a fresnel ramp to control for instance the transparency of a texture, based on the angle of the surface. This was useful to generate a very neat looking blurred propeller, using both a simple disk for the front-view and "spokes" for the side-view. Since PBR...
  15. Vitus

    Blender IK madness

    Hi folks! After days, I finally finished modelling my gear and started rigging it: But I have a problem with the screw-drive that pulls the main arm with the undercarriage up. I rigged it using an armature with three bones. The first one is linked to the wormgear on top. Connected to that...
  16. Vitus

    Blender Blender Addon: Facebuilder

    Have you guys heard of the Blender addon facebuilder? It's currently in beta and free of charge. You can use it to generate 3d models of a face, based on reference images. Here's me in 3d. It looks bad, but keep in mind that this is what you get when you only spend 5 minutes with the addon...
  17. Vitus

    Scrapbook software recommendations?

    Hello companions in the pixel art! I am looking for a particular software that helps collecting and displaying reference information. It's essentially a big canvas onto which you can drag and drop your reference images, write notes, drop documents, etc. You can pan around the canvas and scroll...
  18. Vitus

    Blender UV Workflow for repeating objects in the scene

    I am still figuring out a good workflow for Blender and hope you guys have some ideas. The tools I currently use are Blender 2.82, Photoshop and Substance Painter (OMG, Substance Painter!!). Ideally, my workflow would be something like this: 1. Creating all the geometry in Blender 2. Create...
  19. Vitus

    P3D v5 Blender2P3D/FSX

    Hi folks, I just uploaded a first test-version of the new Blender2P3D/FSX toolset. You can find it in the Resources, currently listed under Scenery/Tools - but I'd like to stress that it works for aircraft, too. :D Here's the Link...
  20. Vitus

    P3D v4 XToMdl error - searching errors in the x-file

    Hi guys, I need some help debugging the Blender P3D/FSX toolkit. I am working on the exporter and try to get PBR working with the tool and finished the adjustment of the X-file. But When trying to export, I get a XToMdl.exe error: (0): error : (0): error ...