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  1. scottb613

    P3D v4 Basic Tutorial to Create New Mesh ?

    Hi Folks, I've messed with DEM over the years - is there a basic tutorial around somewhere on the steps involved to create a mesh in P3D ? I found only one video - in English - but that gentleman used Global Mapper for file processing and I'm not $500.00 worth of interested in this process -...
  2. scottb613

    P3D v4 Shiny Home ?

    Hi Folks, Still trying to get my feet under me with P3D modeling - as I haven't really done this since FS9... A very basic test model attached - I have specular at 0 in my modeling software since I keep getting a shiny house in the sim... How do I make it not so shiny ? There's no alpha on the...
  3. scottb613

    P3D v4 Tiling Textures - MCX Optimization

    Hi Folks, Question - my modeling software has a limitation where I can only tile (repeat) a texture - when it's the full texture - I can't crop an area of a texture sheet and then tile it... I know the importance of draw calls on performance... I've messed with the material manager in MCX and...
  4. scottb613

    P3D v4 Boundary Fences - follow contours ?

    Hi Folks, Just a quick question - will boundary fences follow terrain contours ? Thanks for all you guys do... Regards, Scott
  5. scottb613

    P3D v4 Can I use Autogen Annotator when my photo image is in a BGL ?

    Hi Folks, I used AA extensively in FS9 - we had to navigate to the texture in question and load it up for annotating - so can I use AA when my photo texture is in a BGL ? I have read the LockMart page and it tells you a great deal about what it does but not how to get that fist texture loaded...
  6. scottb613

    P3D v4 Resampler Issue - Red Splotches

    Hi Folks, Haven't messed with photo terrain since FS9... I think I have my INF file set correctly - it seems to work fine for summer - however my nice white snow has red splotches all over it and the blend mask seems to have stopped working in winter only - any ideas ? [Source]...
  7. scottb613

    MCX: Carenado Models ?

    Hi Folks, RE: MCX - fairly recent development build. I use MCX for quick looks at my work when painting an aircraft... I've used it with a bunch of aircraft from different developers... For some reason Carenado models are throwing me fits... At first I thought it just might have been the...
  8. scottb613

    Imagetool command line interface issue ?

    Hi Folks, Can someone riddle me this ? I'm trying to script some texture conversions - the first example doesn't produce any output... The second example does... The only real difference is that I'm trying to produce DDS files from a source DXT3 BMP in the first example... The same source is...
  9. scottb613

    External Flight Model

    Hi Folks, Just something I've been curious about - not planning on making one... Could anyone explain a high level overview of just what an "external flight model" is ? I'm somewhat familiar with the tabular lookups in a normal flight model... Is the external flight model a completely separate...
  10. scottb613

    P3D v3 How does Chrome work in P3D ?

    Hi Folks, RE: Spinners How does chrome work in P3D ? Attached is a texture file from an FSX model - looks OK in P3D - reflects the world around it - however - at times it gets too dark and I'd like to lighten it... It's a small and simple DXT3 file with a 0,0,0 black texture and a 255,255,255...
  11. scottb613

    P3D v3 FSX Graphic Issue When Moving to P3D ?

    Hi Folks, Not the developer - just end-user - trying to fix an issue with aircraft in P3D - I'm pretty familiar with both modeling and texturing though... This aircrafts recognition lights behave strangely in P3D while working fine in FSX... In P3D they look fine up close but rapidly turn into...
  12. scottb613

    P3D v3 Change the course of a river without a custom ground poly ?

    Hi Folks, While I was pretty heavy into scenery development back in FS9 (Sbuilder/ADE) - I haven't touched it since then... I'm really not looking to get heavy into it again - LOL - as anyone who has done this knows it can become a slippery slope... I have an airport where the river comes too...
  13. scottb613

    Anyone have a good handle on Excel ?

    Hi Folks, I'm trying to build a spreadsheet to make my preflight task a bit easier on an aircraft that I happen to have the real world tabular performance charts for... I'd prefer to have a spreadsheet do the work for me - instead of manually looking up each parameter as I go... I know how to...
  14. scottb613

    Creating a texture map - from a model ?

    Hi Folks, While I've used Arno's incredible MCX tool for years - I'm sure I'm not aware of all it's features... Question: Is there a way to generate a texture map from a given model ??? This is in regards to aircraft repaints - - - as many are aware - the quality of repaint kits vary...
  15. scottb613

    P3D v3 Default ATC mapping P3D

    Hi Folks, While I normally use RC4 for IFR flights - I've always used default ATC for VFR flights... I haven't come across anything that really improves on this... So recently I started messing around with generic voice control - and while I've tried a couple products I've settled on Voice...
  16. scottb613

    Fonts MIA - RAF_WW2_641ATH ?

    Hi Folks, Question - there was a site that had a collection of RAF fonts - that strangely enough seemed a good match for current US registration numbers - seems like the site is gone... I've used these for years on all my projects - would anyone know if these fonts have been saved anywhere ...
  17. scottb613

    Creating graceful stripes ???

    Hi Folks, I would consider myself a fairly experienced painter - over the years I've painted planes, trains, automobiles, buildings, weathering effects, ground textures, sky textures, and even people - etc etc etc... One thing I've always had difficulty with is creating those thin graceful...
  18. scottb613

    P3D v3 Identifying Buttons for LUA Scripts

    Hi Folks, I am trying to create some custom LUA scripts to control various buttons on custom autopilots - what's the trick to actually identify the button to be used in the script? I am not the developer of the autopilot – just the end-user. Regards, Scott
  19. scottb613

    Win10 Stutter on Aircaft That Work Fine on Win7

    Hi Folks, I've got an aircraft that stutters badly when loaded and installed on Win10 - works fine in Win7... I've tried disabling Windows logging - all the security features including the one that prompts you to run executable... I've loaded and ran it with all the elevated permissions I can...
  20. scottb613

    Some Basic Flight Model Questions - Final Approach

    Hi Folks, While I've dabbled in the arcane art of FDE mods - I'm a novice... I've used Air Wrench, AirEd, and AirUpdate so I have some familiarity with the process... I'm just looking for some basic guidance on how to proceed... I've got some real world time in light twins but most is in...