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  1. DragonflightDesign

    SODE Reload event

    Whatever the SODE Reload event is doing, it's causing a lot of the PILOT'S Boeing B-314 Clipper variables to be reset to zero immediately after it hits. I've had three people report this - all have captured the following event using Doug Dowson's P3D Event Logger: "id=<event id>...
  2. DragonflightDesign

    New tool - 'mdldefGUI', a multithreaded XtoMDL compiler

    Uploaded a few days ago with Arno's permission. From the readme: "mdldefGUI is a multi-threaded front end for P3D’s XToMDL compiler. It is based on using the P3Dv4.x-onwards version of XToMDL so does not have the deprecated /NOGUI, /BATCH and /NOCRASH flags as options. It allows the storage of...
  3. DragonflightDesign

    Recip engine start smoke rpm value

    Really not sure where to put this as it could legitamately be put in any number of sections. Under the [Effects] heading in the aircraft.cfg file, there is a 'startup=' entry for the engine smoke. Can anyone tell me where this is tied to an RPM value? It definately does not depend on the engine...
  4. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v5 Replacing default sound files

    I want to temporarily replace a default sound file during a check routine; specifically the autopilot disconnect sound. I have a suspicion that the default files may be locked while the sim is active because I don't seem to be able to do it. The absolute paths in the code are created at load...
  5. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v5 Syntax error in data struct C++

    This is my first attempt at creating and reading a data definition dynamically. It all works well insofar that the data definition is created and that 'RequestDataOnSimObject' is fired off because if (pObjData->dwRequestID == REQUEST_PAYLOAD_INFO) gets hit successfully. The syntax problem...
  6. DragonflightDesign

    ESP: "multiplayer c++ gauges"

    Although the ESP docs are still up on Microsoft, the links are dead. Does anyone have a copy of this please?
  7. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v5 Modeldef XML problem - and I'm a C programmer!

    Sorry guys - really could not think of a good title for this. In the modeldef, if someone holds down the right mouse button while moving (say) throttle lever 1, I also want throttle lever 2 to move. Got this working perfectly in the 2D but the VC is just laughing at me. As the right mouse button...
  8. DragonflightDesign

    ADF ident sound problem

    In that... I can't turn it off!! I have tried trigger_key_event(KEY_RADIO_ADF_IDENT_DISABLE, 0); trigger_key_event(KEY_RADIO_ADF_IDENT_TOGGLE, 0); // After checking for an 'on' state trigger_key_event(KEY_RADIO_ADF_IDENT_SET, 0); To check for the on/off state, I've been using double...
  9. DragonflightDesign

    VC tooltips

    I really have no idea where to put this thread, so here seems as good a place as any. I've been told by one modeller that it isn't possible to add dynamic tooltips to a VC clickspot, but I'm also being told by a user that he has seen them. So if this is the modeldef code for the rudder trim...
  10. DragonflightDesign

    aircraft.cfg - rudder_trim_effectiveness

    [flight_tuning] rudder_trim_effectiveness = 1.0 Given that rudder trim is hard-coded to 10 degrees in the sim and the Boeing B-314 has a rudder trim max of 20 degrees, is compensating for the restricted angle as simple as [flight_tuning] rudder_trim_effectiveness = 2.0 It can't be, can...
  11. DragonflightDesign

    ADF sound ident

    Does anyone know if KEY_RADIO_ADF/ADF2_IDENT_DISABLE methods actually work? I tried a straightforward trigger_key_event(KEY_RADIO_ADF_IDENT_DISABLE, 0); trigger_key_event(KEY_RADIO_ADF2_IDENT_DISABLE, 0); with no conditionals and checked it with execute_calculator_code("(A:ADF...
  12. DragonflightDesign

    Aileron trim limits

    In the SDK section for the aircraft.cfg file there is mention of an elevator_trim_limit parameter but no mention of a rudder_trim_limit or an aileron_trim_limit parameter. Having learned a long time ago not to trust the SDK docs, do these exist? The B-314 has an aileron trim limit of 12.5...
  13. DragonflightDesign


    All the SDKs state an input value of 0-16383 but this can't be right for two reasons: 1. Base on other _SET inputs, that's trim down only. No negative for trim up 2. Any attempt to enter a figure over 100 is ignored. So... it appears that the actual input is probably percent, but it would be...
  14. DragonflightDesign

    Default autopilot - stupid questionn really

    In the aircraft.cfg file I have [autopilot] autopilot_available= 1 but if(ap_active.var_value.n==0)trigger_key_event(KEY_AUTOPILOT_ON, 0); has no effect. Have I missed something or am I flooding the sim and it's ignoring the command?
  15. DragonflightDesign

    Gauge lighting by 'candlestick'

    Older aircraft had the instruments illuminted externally by a bulb in a tall bulbholder (colloquially known as a 'candlestick'). If I told you I have spent the equivalent of 30 hours (or more) over the last few days trying to create such a simple fx effect, it's true... and I've failed. The...
  16. DragonflightDesign

    NDB doesn't appear to be working

    <?xml version="1.0"?> <FSData version="9.0" xmlns:xsi='http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance' xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="bglcomp.xsd"> <Ndb lat="52.4493" lon="8.4947" alt="1.77" type="H" frequency="338.00" range="200N"...
  17. DragonflightDesign

    NDB doesn't appear to be working

    n/m. Wrong forum open o_O:banghead:
  18. DragonflightDesign

    NDB descriptions

    <Ndb lat="41.35184943" lon="-89.15309158" alt="199.33918762" type="COMPASS_POINT" frequency="890.0" range="12345" magvar="0.0"...
  19. DragonflightDesign

    'Nother bug report

    :D Hi Arno If you load the attached fx into the editor, then change Particle 0 | Type=19 to Type=28 (spotlight), it will (should!) crash the preview editor :confused: I suspect a conflict with one or more of the other parameters, but I don't know enough about fx to know where to start looking...
  20. DragonflightDesign

    P3D v4 Before I start an argument with my textures guy... :D

    First off: I know nothing about texture creation and mapping which is why I have come to pick your brains. The Boeing B-314 had radio-luminescent dial gauges ('radium watches' for those old enough to remember those! :D ). To simplify things, if you look at a photograph of an old(er) clockwork...