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  1. zzip

    P3D v4 Remove Default RunwayLights in ADE

    Hi all, I want to place my own runwaylights. Can I remove the default runwaylights from ADE? I tried the search option but didn't find anything there. Grtz from Tsonjingboldog Peter
  2. zzip

    P3D v4 GP Lines are grey after new GP_22240 update

    Hi all, since the new update of GP_22240, all my GP Lines are grey. Grtz Peter
  3. zzip

    P3D v4 AI plane on one specific parking spot

    Can I place an AI aircraft on a specific parking spot? I work on EBFS Florennes, a large air force base in Belgium. These have F-16 aircraft with their fixed parking places. (RAMP_MIL_COMBAT) I now want to create parking spots (also RAMP_MIL_COMBAT) where only visiting aircraft can park. Is...
  4. zzip

    P3D v4 Taxi link comes outside the apron

    Hi all, I made a nice apron with parking spots but if in now apply the taxi links to connect the parking spots for ai traffic, the taxi link will appear outside the apron. How can I solve this? Grtz Peter
  5. zzip

    P3D v4 AI Traffic: 3 planes on the same position and no take-off

    AI Traffic problem: My plane comes on the runway and stops at its take-off position, stands still and does not leave. A second and third aircraft come and stop at exactly the same starting position. So I have 3 aircraft at the same starting position and no aircraft is leaving. (see pic). My hold...
  6. zzip

    P3D v4 Floating custom ground lines.

    My ground lines float above the runway. What am I doing wrong?
  7. zzip

    P3D v4 Cant remove 2 markers

    Hi all, I have a problem that I cannot find a solution for. P3Dv4 contains 2 markers on the runway that have to be removed. I have already looked up but cannot find anything immediately. How do I get rid of these 2 lines? Thanks in advance.
  8. zzip

    P3D v4 Gray object in MCX

    Hi all, Since a month I have been working on EBFS Florennes again. When I view an object in MCX I get this image. I can no longer see the finished object, only in gray.
  9. zzip

    FSX Piece of grid is missing

    Hi all, as you can see there is a piece of the grid that is missing. If I now place my user grid with the correct length and width, then the usergrid only appears where the grid is in my background. The usergrid does not appear on my background where there is no grid. Grtz Peter
  10. zzip

    FSX Airport Background picture and transparency

    Hi all, As a background, I have taken a picture of somewhere in England . The pieces of the picture that fall outside my airport have i made transparent . I want to enter that picture now as airport background in ADEX. But the transparent section (white) will also appear in ADEX. Can I fix this?
  11. zzip

    FSXA New scenery X3TB RAF/USAAF Tibenham

    Hi all, after two years i restart with a new scenery . My first was EBBL Kleine Brogel / Belgium . Now i start with a new project and i still dont know why i choose this scenery . One thing is sure, nobody makes it before . And, you can't find the airfield in the FSX . X3TB RAF/USAAF Tibenham...
  12. zzip

    FSXA Looking for PAI BA Jetstream // SOLVED

    Hi all, i hope i post this in the good forum . 2 hours i'm searching already for a airplane : pai_install_model_british_aerospace_JS31.zip It is the BA Jetstream T1 for FS9 . I need this plane for the RAF Cranwell scenery . I hope you can help me . Peter
  13. zzip

    FSXA WW II Fence

    Hi all, i'm looking for a (freeware) WW II Fence . Somebody have a hint ? Peter
  14. zzip


    Hi all, a few years ago you have the program FS Earth . You fly with FSX (or other) an see your plane "live" in Google earth . I was a great tool for scenery building . I stil have the program, but lost my serial and dont wonna buy a new one . Is there a simular freeware program ? Grtz Peter
  15. zzip

    FSX Problem with altitude SOLVED

    Hi all, I'm working on a new scenery X3TB Tibenham (My first was EBBL Kleine Brogel/Belgium) So far i know there is no other scenery X3TB . I found this website : http://www.norfolkglidingclub.com/airfield/visiting-pilots/tibenham-airfield-plate/ The altitude (right top corner) is 186ft AMSL ...
  16. zzip

    FSXA Blastpad problem

    Hi Jon, How can i make a blastpad with chevrons here ? The lenght is 299,0 m . In Real Grtz zzip
  17. zzip

    FS2004 Removing roads

    Hoy Arno First , i am a newbie and this is my first post . I make a complete new scenery of EBBL Kleine Brogel in Belgium . The problem is that the default roads in FS2004 are a catastrophe . I want to remove a road, because normaly there is no road . So, make a small grass strip in FS2004...