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    FSXA can't get OSM maps

    Open Street map,I can't get the osm data from this site (open Street web server). someone have the same problem. I have downloaded some maps earlier without problems.
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    FSXA rotating fx light

    How to make the effect rotate, I créate a light beam for a lighthouse and attached a pair of fx, it seem not work, I attached the effect with Mcx tool. you can see the light beam rotate while the fx stay static. Once attached the effect to any aimated object should it move along with the object...
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    FSXA 3ds max improper file format

    For those having problems with the "improper file format" issue when exporting from MCX and importing from Max, don't know if it apply to Gmax too. just export without materials. I discovered this yesterday, I was having problems whit the file. just rembered that I had imported the same file...
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    FSXA max 2014 Prepard3D Sdk and Fsx Acc

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    FSXA Looking for a landing gear

    I am investigating what Kind of landing gear could be this, the airplane is a Savoia Marchetti S 62 P (p stand for Passengers). A passenger versión of the S62. were constructed very few of them not his military versión. I understand that this could be retracted vertically problably but I have no...
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    FSXA Platform arrival and departures

    Something simple but for the life of mine I can't solve. the airport have a platform with four entries or exits, I want the ai airplanes enter the last entry,in this case the "D" entry, and exit to the first one , "the A" exit, letting out this bad english, I think the images could help (see...
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    Scenpro and road traffic?

    It's something I've been comtemplating, could we make road traffic with scenproc. having osm maps with the roads and urban vectors. creating shp files and converting them to kml. could be trafic be added ? it is just a guess or at least a wishlist. sorry because don't know exactly how Scenproc...
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    PAI Atr72

    I got an Atr72 for traffic AI, I got it time ago, it seem to come from PAI, I got regional airlines textures too, right now I want to reléase this as a AI package with my new scenery. this will be a very located traffic. I have seen a lot of this Kind of addons (ai package) in the net and the...
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    FSXA A lot of materials colors

    Almost just out of curiosity I have créated a ship to which I added three materials with three colors respectively. and when taking a look to the object in MCX I can see how this have a bunch of colors as materials applied. how can be this ? Edit: I think it can be posible, I have added parts to...
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    FSXA merged object texture lost warning

    I merged an object in 3ds max which had materials applied. I have no textured yet the model just using basic materials. a warning appear when loading the new model. two .psd texture are faulting. I have problems to check the model in modelconvertex. almost the entire object desappear , Mcx not...
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    3ds max9 and animation tool problem

    Someone having problems with the SDK animation tool in 3ds max 9. I guess this is another gift from Windows 8. yes Windows 8. I guess I will have to anímate with Gmax. will be posible and easy to transfer the object to Gmax?.
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    Little houses and height

    I know it has been commented before, but watching the agn buildings, always there are buildings which look very weird. those bulings is supposed to be huts, are one floor building, but they are too much high for his dimensions. (see pic.)
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    FSXA Placing trees along a line

    How to plant trees in rows, agn trees and to be posible to adjust space and orientation. I know Scenproc could do that, but someone could post a script or txt file for this task. EDIT: I found this It could help to plant trees PLACEPOINTSALONGLINE | FTYPE = LINE; highway = secondary | 150 | 5...
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    Hi, something I have noticed lately is taht when working with agn files in the same scenery, all those files must be overwritten if you want to add some new agn files, something that is very weird, how can be this resolved I have Heard about agn tools for this but not sure how this work. I learn...
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    URI not valid

    andTrying to make a bgl file for light placement, this is the warning "URI not valid", Anyway I will post the script because not very sure, it's for Fx lights placement. IMPORTOGR|highways_hierro_1.shp|*|HIGHWAY|NOREPROJ PLACEPOINTSALONGLINE|FTYPE=LINE;highway=residential|50|5|type|light|hdg...
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    Coordinates UTM

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    Qgis creating shapefiles

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    FSXA Drawcall minimizer

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    Language question