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  1. hairyspin

    Blender Precise planar UV mapping?

    Thanks for that, guys! :cool:
  2. hairyspin

    How to convert 3ds max aircraft to FSX

    A model compiled for P3Dv1.4 will work in FSX, it’s what I’ve used myself.
  3. hairyspin

    How to convert 3ds max aircraft to FSX

    For 3dsMax 2014 you’ll need the P3Dv1.4 sdk.
  4. hairyspin

    [Blender] AO overlaps UVs

    I'd recommend leaving more space than a single pixel, 5 or 6px at least.
  5. hairyspin

    Blender LOD instructions?

    @TBryson2, things have always been piecemeal ... but the MSFS sdk assumes like all its predecessors that you already know how to model, map, animate etc. I don't use Blender and I built aircraft so the following link won't step you through building/scenery LODs, but I hope it gives you some...
  6. hairyspin

    Air Force T-6 file

    Also it'd help to say what the Texan has been built in – Blender/3dsMax/Gmax/Sketchup/whatever.
  7. hairyspin

    FSdeveloper is not very active recenly, is it?

    It depends how you view the forums here. My habit is to view New Posts and I find there are often several pages of new stuff each visit. This contrasts markedly with just before MSFS was released, when I might get a page, maybe half a page, rarely more than one page of new posts. So my...
  8. hairyspin

    3DS Max 2009 for FSX ..?

    A 64-bit exporter wasn’t developed for Max 2009, you need the 32-bit version of Max for it. I still have Max 2008 and use the 32-bit version to export P3D .X files but I can use the 64-bit version too on the same licence. You should be able to do the same with Max 2009, both versions are...
  9. hairyspin

    Where to get accurate blueprints?

    Yep, accurate drawings are not easy to find and often not for free. You should ask around scale modelling forums for the aircraft you’re interested in and if you can visit an actual example where they’ll let you measure details and take hundreds of photos, so much the better. Although if it’s an...
  10. hairyspin

    MSFS Best Program

  11. hairyspin

    Is there anything more rewarding than...

    Careful there, it’s addictive! :cool:
  12. hairyspin

    Is FSDeveloper working fine for you all?

    No issues to report, Arno, runs at least as well as it did for me before the switchover became necessary. :cool:
  13. hairyspin

    RELEASED: Fokker T.5 bomber for FSX/P3D

    Ahhhh, details! I had a customer years ago who told me of taking an old ex-RAF armourer to the RAF museum to look at the Lancaster and its bomb bay. The old man came alive, explaining how this or that bomb load was configured in the massive bomb bay. Then they noticed the staff gathered round...
  14. hairyspin

    Back online

    Good job, Arno, these things are a drag but I’m glad you take care of them. :wizard:
  15. hairyspin

    Flight Dynamic Book

    Maybe the OP was thinking of “Airplane Aerodynamics and Performance” by Lan and Roskam?
  16. hairyspin

    RELEASED: Fokker T.5 bomber for FSX/P3D

    That’s really well done Daan, first class! Just a minor niggle, the fire extinguishers are out of date and need replacing... ;) :stirthepo
  17. hairyspin

    Blender Can anyone recommend a good Blender (2.8 or 2.9) / Photoshop tutorial for texturing?

    I assume you’re coming from a cgi background where you use the render engine in Blender to skin your models. MSFS doesn’t use Blender’s render settings for materials, it only uses materials as specified in the sdk, which in modern cgi terms is sooo last year, dude. There is support for PBR as...
  18. hairyspin

    gmax reinstall.

    If the models are animated, yes. It’s a lot less work than redoing modelling and mapping!
  19. hairyspin

    gmax reinstall.

    Okay, there are a few things to check since you're obviously using Win10. First is DirectX 9.0c June 2010 – without that, old software like Gmax doesn't work properly. Next is NET Framework, which is bundled with Win10, but the older 3.5 legacy features (going back to version 2.0) are not turned...
  20. hairyspin

    gmax reinstall.

    A screenshot of the errors, or at least the first crop of them, would help to understand what’s going on.