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  1. Phantoms

    MSFS Are some files off limits for being in the community folder?

    I was trying to help figure a way to make a modification of the taxi ribbons code so that it can be a mod in the community folder. The thread from the original is at...
  2. Phantoms

    FSX User complaining ADE detroyed his FSX

    User complaining ADE detroyed his FSX and that he can't register here. Over on Avsim http://forums1.avsim.net/index.php?showtopic=253735
  3. Phantoms

    Running ADE for the first time.

    When you first launch ADE, you will be escorted through the New User Wizard. It is very important to complete this wizard as it sets your paths and database of stock airports. Once you have completed the wizard, close ADE and restart it so that these settings can take effect. You are then good...
  4. Phantoms

    Forum "time".

    What is the forum time set too? I was under the impression that setting my local time in UserCP options would adjust the forum time to my time (posts time would be adjusted for my local time, etc.) But this is not the case. My local time is 10:06pm EST right now (GMT -5) on 11-16-07, but the...
  5. Phantoms

    test strikethrough

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  6. Phantoms

    Google Earth 4.2 now includes flight sim

    The newest version of Goodle Earth (4.2) now includes a Flight Simulator mode which you can fly a F-16 or SR-22. Read about how to enable it at http://marco-za.blogspot.com/2007/08/google-earth-flight-simulator.html.
  7. Phantoms

    San Fransisco area live radar tracking

    Go to http://live.airportnetwork.com/sfo/ and click on high-speed or low-speed connection, give the java applet a little time to load up and view real time radar tracking of San Fransisco and surrounding areas. This is an amazing applet. I only wish they had something similar for the entire US...
  8. Phantoms

    Show Airline codes

    Jon, would it be possible to show any airline codes in addition to the parking spot type when you hover the mouse over a parking spot?
  9. Phantoms

    Vehicle taxi links

    Is it by design to not have vehicle taxiways depicted? I would prefer having the option of showing them as it makes lining them up with other items much easier. Another little thing, the "P" for Add Apron Link is confusing. Is this for Parking? Would "A" or "AL" be better?
  10. Phantoms

    Naming conventions

    Actually I kind of prefer AFX_ICAO_jh as it puts all the airport files together. Having the ICAO code first would allow non-airport files to be mixed within Airport BGL files in the default alphabetic listing within Windows.
  11. Phantoms

    0.30 not picking up all versions of airport

    I'm finding something similar. After installing the latest build, setting my ADE and FSX directories, shut down ADE, restart it and then do a full scan. Searching KSAV no longer shows Stock and Modified versions as it use to, but only stock. However, letting it loading that one actually...
  12. Phantoms

    Depicting Parking Spaces in ADE

    Jon, I love that ADE is showing the taxiway signs too, the only thing I had really wished for in AFCAD. I have a question about the parking circles. What is there size based on? Is it on the half-wingspan value that FSX uses doubled and then made into a circle? What are you're plans regarding...
  13. Phantoms

    Test App Window Size

    Small bug report with GUI of Test App. You can not resize the window. While everything is displayed correctly normally, I found a small problem this weekend. I installed a new graphics card and ran my desktop at a higher resolution. To make the icons and text appear larger (since higher...
  14. Phantoms

    What program reads radius from a MDL?

    Exactly what the title says. I need to read the Radius of some of my AI aircraft, but I'm not interested in modelling aircraft. Thus, I need the easiest program for the job.
  15. Phantoms

    Forum date layout

    Is there anyway to adjust the date format used by the forum? I've looked through Edit Options in User CP and see time and start of week, but can't seem to find a date format option. It's very confusing being in the USA seeing the date listed as Day-Month-Year.