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  1. Timmo

    MSFS Blender to MSFS Exporter on day one?

    I don't know...It may be exposed by default but I don't know enough about either your addon or the blender data model. However, if you look at some of the sample scripts in the scripting window > Templates menu > Python > 'Operator Node' or 'Custom Node' it may give some clues. Batch importing...
  2. Timmo

    MSFS Blender to MSFS Exporter on day one?

    Are the capabilities in this plugin also available through the Blender Python API? What I'm hoping to do is a) batch import collada/.dae b) batch update/assign their materials to the MS2020 albedo slot c) batch export This can then be combined with a python script translating the KML which...
  3. Timmo

    MSFS Introduction to MSFS SDK (scenery)

    It looks like a) the UV mapping has gone wonky- Try changing the texture projection (Flat, Box, Sphere etc) and it may come right. b) The blend mask (under MSFS texture settings) needs to also be set....although I'm still figuring out how to set that to the alpha channel of the main texture sheet.
  4. Timmo

    Beach vectors

    I'm not sure about world wide datasets (possibly OSM?) but in New Zealand I used a landclass polygon dataset which had beaches. I did some further classification of those based on local knowledge: For example, on New Zealands west coast, we have a lot of black sand beaches seeded from inland...
  5. Timmo

    MSFS High Level Overview of MSFS2020 Tech

    Will have to wait for the Terrain part of the SDK but, yes, projecting to other vertical coordinate systems is supported in ESRI tools (Toolbox\Projections and Transformations\Raster\Project Raster) and projection to 'WGS 1984 Web Mercator (auxiliary sphere)' is easy too, ensuring you use the...
  6. Timmo

    3d vertices for shapefiles

    I did it in python and ArcGIS- Iterated through each polygon and found its first vertex* and then read the height from the DTM, then set all vertices Z values to that height. * not the most best approach, but examining heights for all vertices and then finding the lowest was too computationally...
  7. Timmo

    FSX My Landclass polygon won't show

    If the landclass is the 'tropical rainforest' with the very big trees and your landclass polygon is quite small, then only a few trees will show since the trees are so big. Remember also that placing your Dirt lane will suppress autogen trees under it (+ a small distance from it). Some other...
  8. Timmo

    FSX Mesh creation/resolution

    Max detail that FSX supports: ~ 0.5m (I.e. you'd generally need Lidar derived data). Data like this is hard to obtain and generally won't cover large areas. Resample.exe (the program used to convert other formats into FSX Bgl files) can convert at 0.5m...just don't fall into the trap of thinking...
  9. Timmo

    Flat Roof Autogen Texture Error

    In my case, even though I had uninstalled FTX (it was the original Tasmanian demo), FTX's installer hadn't restored the original FSX .spb file...so I would double check the date of that file to ensure it matches the rest of your standard FSX file dates.
  10. Timmo

    FSX reef

    Some observations from my experience: You can update 'waterclass' pixels using resample, similar to resampling a raster landclass file- This changes the colour of the water. You can put also use a reef landclass by re-shaping the shoreline so that the reef is 'land'. Unfortunately, there is a...
  11. Timmo

    Flight Toolkit

    I'm excited by the developments here- Thanks to all involved. I enjoyed Flight, I think the devs got a lot 'right' with the rendering and scenery engine making GA 'low and slow' flights quite immersive.
  12. Timmo

    P3D v2 AGNRectangularVegetation: Using ModelEntry GUID Rather Than Grouping id?

    Interesting- Do you know if this method allows the resultant agn files to be distributed to other users and get the same result?
  13. Timmo

    FSXA Light effect performance: Controller vs 'normal' effect

    Does anyone know the most efficient way to place a large number of effects? Is it: a) A placement bgl calling an effect/fx file b)A placement bgl calling a controller fx file which in turn calls an effect/fx file? Previously in VectorLandClass for road lights, I've just written the XML/bgl to...
  14. Timmo

    FSXA Connect to FSX

    May I ask why simconnect is not supported anymore? Is it simply to allow FS9 connections?
  15. Timmo

    Recording jet engine sounds...

    Depending on the size of aircraft/engine that you want to record for, I would suggest simply visiting a smaller charter company who operate from their own hanger/area of the apron, explain what you are doing/want to achieve and see if they'll let you be on the tarmac during startup etc of one of...
  16. Timmo

    FSXA ArcGIS, exporting aerial imagery at full resolution

    To be honest I don't have a lot of experience with this kinda thing since I usually have the actual tiffs etc. However, without experimenting (internet is down while it gets transferred) the usual way is as you've said- just export the map at a high dpi. You can set the required dpi for the...
  17. Timmo

    FSXA Question about Model wich goes into Terrain

    In ADE, add a terrain polygon (button with a green polygon on it) and then tag it as a flatten with the desired height
  18. Timmo

    FSX Getting rid of jagged blurry coastlines

    And the LOD radius... In other words, its not the data that is causing your issues, it is your rendering settings.
  19. Timmo

    Engine soundpack

    To answer your question "could it be made", yes, yes it could.
  20. Timmo

    FSX Is there a truly tropical landclass?

    The alternative is to create your own ground textures to replace a default set and then place this replacement set (it needs to replace the full set to avoid memory leaks) in the texture folder of your scenery. A landclass file will need to call that texture set.