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  1. WTFlorian

    P3D v5 SBuilderX - Nighttime

    Hello, I have just compiled a bit of photoscenery via SBuilderX - worked flawlessly - BUT the photoscenery lights up at night, as if it had emissive properties ? Is there a way to make it dark at night, via SBuilderX or via a different workflow ? As always, i am very thankful for anyone who...
  2. WTFlorian

    Ground Poly as reference - Question / Observation

    Hello, i was exporting an object to P3DV5, the same way as i always did, via the MCX "Convert & place" wizard using the same coordinates i've used for this entire project - BUT, with this object i used my Ground Polys as a reference, i never did that before. So, i had my GroundPolys open in...
  3. WTFlorian

    P3D v5 ADE Taxiway lights Draw distance

    Hello there, maybe i'm missing something very simple here - but how can i increase the draw distance of these taxiway (green/center) lights ? I've attached the project file aswell - just in case
  4. WTFlorian

    Deleting Stock airport - Yes/No ?

    Hello, fairly straight forward question here - would one need to delete the stock airport (FS9/FSX/P3D) for his/her own airport to work properly ? Obviously stock buildings would need to be deleted/excluded, but what about Ground Polys, like taxi/runways ? Would you just "cover up" the stock...
  5. WTFlorian

    Font Question

    Hello there, i just have a simple question, anyone know which font this might be ? The only airport related font i came across is the one used for taxiway signs and runway numbers - but this one seems different.
  6. WTFlorian

    Spot Light VS Point Light

    Hello, i hope someone can "enlighten" me as to what exactly is the difference between Spot Lights and Point Lights (in the "attached object editor in MCX) Spot Light - Direct Source of light Point Light - emitts lights in all directions Is that correct, and is that the only difference ...
  7. WTFlorian

    P3D v5 Placing spotlights - workflow

    Hello, so i'm wondering about the "correct" or let's say most efficient way of placing spotlights around an airport. I have modeled (for testing purposes) a street light that i would place around the airport, in this case around the parkinglot. Then i attached a spotlight via MCX, placed the...
  8. WTFlorian

    P3D v5 Emissive textures "Timer"

    Hello, my question is (i think) pretty straight forward - can i set a "Timer" on when emissive textures are displayed ? I have a few emissive textures which light up at night time - so far so good - but i would like them to also be "on" during dawn. Any idea where this needs to be specified ...
  9. WTFlorian

    P3D v5 Adding Spotlights - Missing Button ?

    Hey everyone - i have downloaded the latest release of MCX and i wanted to add a spotlight (dynamic light ?) to my object - why can't i find the button for it ?# Am i missing something ? If i look at this post from Arno there should be an option for adding a spotlight ? These are my first...
  10. WTFlorian

    What do you call these things ?

    Ok, this might seem a little strange - but what are these (orange) things called exactly ? Is there an english word for them ? Thank you
  11. WTFlorian

    P3D v5 Lighting up Albedos for correct colour

    Hello, because P3DV5 does darken the Base Colours quite a bit from what they actually are in for example Substance Painter, i'm interested in a way to lighten up my Albedos so that the colours are actually correctly displayed in P3D. Photoshop/GIMP ? Maybe one of you guys is working on a P3DV5...
  12. WTFlorian

    P3D v5 PBR Workflow - what am i missing ?

    Hey there, i'm working on my first project and i'm learning as i go along - i'm using Blender and Substance Painter for the most part, and now i'm trying to texture my objects and that's where i ran into some sort of problem. What i did is: 1) created the object in Blender 2) UV Mapped it...
  13. WTFlorian

    A330 Dimensions

    Hey there, does anyone know the distance between ground and the Front Door of an A330 ? Doesn't have to be exact, but either i'm not looking hard enough or i don't know - i can't seem to find it anywhere ? And before you ask, yes, these are my special MS Paint skills, i aquired them through...
  14. WTFlorian

    P3D v5 Weird Reflections on default Jetways - only during Daytime

    While experimenting i just stumbled across a weird phenomenon - the default jetways are incredible shiny - and i wonder why that is ? This only happens during daytime, during the night i think it looks fine, but switching to daytime makes part of the jetways look horrible in my opinion. Has...
  15. WTFlorian

    P3D v5 Blender/UV Maps/ModelConverter X

    Hello there, It seems i'm unable to export my model correctly, the UV Map set up in Blender seems to get lost in the process somehow and i just can't figure it out, or i'm just missing something. It seems to me that the UV Map is set up alright, but when i export it via the Blender2P3D Addon...
  16. WTFlorian

    P3D v5 Transparency - What am i missing ?

    Hello there, i just want to start by thanking Pyscen and Arno for helping me with my other problem where both of them pointed me to the solution and i could fix it easily. I'm all new to scenery design but so far i really enjoy working on my project - but i just can't figure out how to make my...
  17. WTFlorian

    P3D v5 VTSP - Phuket Airport

    Hello there, i just wanted to share a screenshot or two of my project. This is the first time i'm doing anything related to creating scenery for P3D and i'm learning new stuff as i go along. I really like flying in and out of Phuket in FS so VTSP was an obvious choice for me to start with, i...
  18. WTFlorian

    MCX stretched Texture

    Hello there, I am fairly new to FS Scenery Design and i really hope i've just made some Rookie mistake. After exporting my model via Blender2FSX and then importing the .mdl into Model Converter X the texture, which lookes fine in Blender, is totally stretched and looks horrible. It's just a...