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  1. Dutcheeseblend

    MSFS GIMP, Blender normal maps

    Hi guys, I'm gearing up for MSFS development and now I definitely need a good normal map plugin/proggie. What I'm used to is the following workflow: - Create the bump map in Gimp using greyscales. - Convert it to a FSX-able normal map using the ModelConverterX Texture Converter tool. That...
  2. Dutcheeseblend

    FSXA New Blender material problems

    Hi guys, With the release of the T.5 just behind me, I thought it would be a good idea to get up-to-date with the current FSX/P3D toolset. So, for that, I downloaded Blender 2.83 as well. I copied my T.5 source files into a new iteration and opened them in the new Blender. But, I appear to...
  3. Dutcheeseblend

    Season greetings

    Dear people, From me, Christmas blessings and best wishes for 2019!
  4. Dutcheeseblend

    Fokker S.14 Machtrainer

    Hi all, I've been working on another project, next to my T.5, during the past months: a (postwar!) Fokker S.14 Machtrainer. This is the progress at the moment: Regards, Daan
  5. Dutcheeseblend

    FSXA Formatting problem

    Hi all, Recently I downloaded the Grumman S2F-1 Tracker from the Outhouse Team (from the SOH), but when I select it in FSX, I get multiple errors. I solved most of them, except of this one: The gauge where the problem is, is as follows: <Gauge Name="xpndr radio" Version="1.0"> <Image...
  6. Dutcheeseblend

    FSXA Custom prewar radio unit

    Hi all, So, I'm in the progress of dealing with the Fokker T.5 radio unit: a Telefunken 1001aF (aka Hollandstation). It consists of a transmitter (S426F) and a receiver (E445F). It has capabilities of voice and telegraphy. The unit has shortwave and longwave ranges. Shown here is, for the...
  7. Dutcheeseblend

    Custom engine starter

    Hi everybody, I've been working on a custom startup procedure for my Fokker T.5 bomber (Bristol Pegasus XXVI engines), which involves a starter running longer than the FSX default starter. I opted to 'fake' a starter enable the FSX starter in another way. Let me first explain that. There are...
  8. Dutcheeseblend

    FSXA Superchargers and engine power

    Hi everybody, Currently, I'm working on the engine performance of my Fokker T.5. It is equipped with Bristol Pegasus XXVI engines (equipped with centrifugal supercharger), with the following ratings: Few things: I added the supercharger properties in the piston_engine section of the...
  9. Dutcheeseblend

    The Avem Ferro AF-01

    Hi everybody, As some of you might know, I study Aeronautical Engineering at the Inholland University in Delft. I am in my third year now and hope to be graduating this time next year. Part of the curriculum of the third year (in the Design & Development graduation track) is the Conceptual...
  10. Dutcheeseblend

    May 4 in Holland

    On May 4, at 8:00 pm, everybody in the Netherlands is silent for two minutes. In these two minutes, we remember those who died for freedom in World War II up until now. "Let us remember that freedom is not only freedom for the complete society, but also freedom for minorities, also freedom for...
  11. Dutcheeseblend

    FSXA Automatic mixture control

    Hi everybody, I'm in the progress of programming and animating my Fokker T.5 bomber. I can do a bit of basic XML, but this specific thing is slightly too difficult to me, also because I do not completely understand the original system :duck:. Therefore, I ask assistance. The Fokker T.5 has two...
  12. Dutcheeseblend

    Blender and smoothing groups

    Hi there! Got inspired to start this thread by this one: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/united-states-navy-all-of-it.434697/page-3 Now I understood from various Blenderartists threads that Smoothing Groups (like we know them from Gmax, Max and such software) are not available in...
  13. Dutcheeseblend

    Tutorial: Simple light aircraft fuselage with multiple cross-sections

    Hi all, After a question of @Hal Dale, I decided to make this short tutorial-thingy. I recommend everybody to follow my other tutorial first, since I'll be using some keystrokes from that tutorial. Found here...
  14. Dutcheeseblend

    Tutorial: how to create a basic fuselage with some nice structural detail

    Hi everybody, Inspired with my experiences with the fuselage of my Fokker T.5, I decided to create a tutorial for you on how to create something like this: We'll create a straight fuselage section (so no cockpit) with: - Outer skin - Window cavities and rims - Inner skin - Bulkheads with...
  15. Dutcheeseblend

    FSX Decreasing variable

    Hi there, I'm sorry I don't even know how to call this exactly, but anyway: I want a decreasing variable. :D For my Danish D.21, I'll be adding a kind of oxygen system. This system provides oxygen to the pilot from an onboard pressure vessel, of which the quantity and pressure are displayed in...
  16. Dutcheeseblend

    Tut: Non-linear gauges and Blender interpolation

    Hi there, In order to clarify anything about non-linear gauges, I offered to make a small tutorial on this. I found a little bit of time tonight, so there it is :D I want to emphasize that this is not a specific Blender2FSX issue, developers using any Max should have this ‘issue’ as well. It...
  17. Dutcheeseblend

    Blender2FSX error messages

    Hi everybody, This came into my mind this morning: I might set up a thread about the error messages I've got in B2X, and others have got. I hope this helps other people in troubleshooting. Felix: I used your comments like you gave them before. I'll try to collect some more messages and you...
  18. Dutcheeseblend

    RELEASED: Fokker T.5 bomber for FSX/P3D

    Hi all, There it is, the new thread for the Fokker T.5 bomber for FSX. Hope you enjoy! First project goal is to get the external model finished before May 2015. Remember that I don't forget the D.21, it is almost there! Enjoy! Edit: thanks to all those who have helped me out with data and...
  19. Dutcheeseblend

    FSXA Vis. controlled static effect

    Hi everybody, I've been trying to solve this in a lot of ways, but I couldn't. The problem is: I have a nice radial engine, which will have a blueish flame at the exhaust above certain Cylinder Head Temperature and Manifold Pressure. To control that, I created a visibility, tagged the attached...
  20. Dutcheeseblend

    Dawson's sound gauge: realtime volume setting?

    Hi all, I'm working with the sound gauge of Douglas Dawson, which works fine. But now, I want to create a system that plays a wind sound when an exit is open and applies a volume to that sound which depends on the current airspeed of the airplane. This is my code in modeldef.xml: <!-- Wind...