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  1. =rk=

    P3D v4 Odd Floating Textures that do not blend into background

    I am going to guess you use FSX, or possibly P3D and that you do not activate scenery files individually, that you instead place scenery files into a common directory of Scenery and Texture folders. I cannot emphasize enough how thoroughly we need to describe our issues, in order to encourage an...
  2. =rk=

    P3D v4 Odd Floating Textures that do not blend into background

    Are you developing something, that you have not described? It seems curious, that you would post on ORBX support forums, about an issue with an Aerosoft airport, especially since editing that airport, apparently, resolved your issue. I feel like there is a giant paragraph missing. You describe...
  3. =rk=

    Right Click abilities

    It seems likely the reason pages are “static,” is for security. You could add the link of each right click function, as distinct pages in your gauge, you also might be able to configure your gauge to call each page, based on the appropriate right click.
  4. =rk=

    MFS2020 Scenery to FSX

    Please tell us the location of the scenery, or the name of the title you have .bgl's for. There is no possibility for direct conversion, retroactively to an earlier version of the sim, but it is very likely there is already an FSX native version, of the same location. Simple logic informs a...
  5. =rk=

    MSFS Windows update erased the MSFS LocalCache folder

    A "cache" is only that. It is the place where pirates temporarily store their loot, before spending it, is more accurately described as "an auxiliary memory, from which high speed retrieval is possible" and we have put more time into discussing it, than it takes to restore.
  6. =rk=

    MSFS Well, that's a year of work wasted.

    It seems many of us do not understand capitalism. Our money is already spent, they could make the simulator fly real airplanes and we would not give them another cent, so there is little point in catering our needs. The reviews are in, "game of the year," there is no obligation on their part to...
  7. =rk=

    MSFS Tinted cockpit glass

    You could ask the developer https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/members/deano1973.17860/ For SC Designs you'd have to go to Facebook.
  8. =rk=

    MSFS Well, that's a year of work wasted.

    Just a FYI, I tested my own model yesterday and it too has no throttle, or to be absolutely correct, it is overly throttled and neither joystick lever, nor key command, will allow engine speed to increase. This is about as basic a user vehicle could be, without being called "SimpleAircraft" and...
  9. =rk=

    MSFS Well, that's a year of work wasted.

    So...the takeaway is that there is another update for us to explore?
  10. =rk=

    FSX Prop Animations not working after Export in ModelConverterX (SOLVED)

    You should be aware that there is no way to convert FSX native models, to MSFS native models, without the source code. One can port an FSX native model to work in MSFS, but that model has no more functionality, than a pre FSX model, converted to FSX functionality and then to MSFS functionality...
  11. =rk=

    FSX Prop Animations not working after Export in ModelConverterX (SOLVED)

    Undoubtedly, the model would be Milton Shupe's Turbo Commander. Here is a version that has already been converted. https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/24617/fsx-aero-commander-ac680s/ I believe this is another version...
  12. =rk=

    MSFS Custom aerial imagery not displaying at airport project

    I am sorry to speak up, but unless things have dramatically changed, I am pretty certain a developer will encounter issues, if he tries to mount a package that is almost identical to one mounted from Community folder. A simple work around is to keep an “inactive” folder in Community, where you...
  13. =rk=

    FSX Prop Animations not working after Export in ModelConverterX (SOLVED)

    Ok great, but I think, to assume MCX is inherently smart enough to identify any given texture, to be the one for the prop disk, edit, save and overwrite the original, without any input from the user beyond: seems optimistic to me. I know how to perform the procedure manually, because I was not...
  14. =rk=

    AIFP won't read aircraft

    The linked article is intended to inform that which we may be unsure of. "Online AI spawned by the Sim at the gate will have no nosewheel and will not depart from the gate. It will just sit there, and the airport will get more crowded." "Offline AI You will see airplanes spawn enroute and...
  15. =rk=

    MSFS Which Works better?

    Meh, Don has it pretty spot on. It seems like you are confusing terms. "Alpha India Group," or "AI," (go figure) specializes in providing AI traffic. Since there have been copyright issues from 3rd party AI models that have severely crippled AIG's ability to operate at all, as a distributor of...
  16. =rk=

    AIFP won't read aircraft

    Copyrights don't usually apply to derivatives of original work. https://www.alpha-india.net/2021/11/17/state-of-ai-traffic-in-msfs/
  17. =rk=

    FSX:SE Incomplete Scenery Display?

    Have a lot of titles in your Addon Scenery folder, maybe GEX or other scenery enhancements? It can be useful to develop scenery on a default system set up, explore that title and deactivate it, to avoid conflicts and discrepancies. Especially if you end up sharing your scenery.
  18. =rk=

    FSX Prop Animations not working after Export in ModelConverterX (SOLVED)

    Hi, I don't see that you have addressed alpha channel transparency discrepancies that exist between FS2004/FSX. I have not read Tom's guide and see that you refer to "glass etc," which could cover prop disk transparency, however this information applies to the "base" FSX export and as you pull...
  19. =rk=

    MSFS MSFS Developers

    You are optimistic. 16 months have passed, since release. A year in, helicopter support was not implemented, AI was not given full functionality, an entirely new platform, with relevant bugs, support requirements, etc, was added. From my perspective, it is not just a matter of all the ancillary...
  20. =rk=

    Do AI flight plans work with FS2020

    Xbox users have no access to DevMode, Community Folder, most addons, what we would call advanced features - while simultaneously ignoring the fact that Xbox integration is the sims latest and therefore most advanced feature.