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  1. =rk=

    MCX Refuses to Save Textures

    MSFS does not require textures to conform to power of 2, however MCX latest build dev version will not save textures that are not power of 2. The freeware addon Flightsim Squadron F35 exterior model is entirely textured with maps that are sizes like, 1160x1708, 20x24, 148x1500, 1200x232, but...
  2. =rk=

    MSFS New Update

    So ya, update time, again. 132 gb at this end, one can only wonder what isn't getting replaced and redesigned, everything we've learned and adapted, out the window, maybe that's why they call it Windows. At it all night, 6 hours and I got 463 mb so far, for a whopping 0%! At this rate, MSFS is...
  3. =rk=

    MSFS DWL-002 Spotted on South China Sea Island!

    The title is actually kind of click bait, not for developers, but the radar by that name is somewhat of a "rage" in defense circles. Anyway, here's the view of it: I've had a fascination with events in SCS since about 2014. The location is Woody's Island, Sansha, or Yongxing Dao, depending...
  4. =rk=

    MSFS MSFS Bricked Itself

    Two evenings ago, I was editing an airport with ADE. I'd been having a little trouble with it, changes weren't saving and the compiler was insisting existing package folders were not present and I was about to make a post to Jon, then the craziest thing happened. I tried to compile my airport...
  5. =rk=

    MCX unable to convert original FSDS animations to MSFS glTF format

    I uncovered what I believe to be a glitch in MCX functionality while attempting to bypass the animation export block to MSFS format from .mdl/.bgl. I will start by observing that there are only two other formats that support these animations; .fsc and .x. The particular test model is my own...
  6. =rk=

    Unable to Merge Objects

    I am unable to merge animated model parts with larger models using the Merge Tool. Version 476f74e DEV 5/23/2021. I would observe that the text "Unrestricted animation export" is red, when it is normally green, but the exported model animated parts import, as expected back into MCX...
  7. =rk=

    Odd Glitch

    I just stumbled across a glitch in MCX while exploring MSFS default SimObjects. When attempting to import the "Marshaller_Stick" from this path: C:\...\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Official\OneStore\asobo-simobjects-misc\SimObjects\Misc\Marshaller_Stick\model MCX...
  8. =rk=

    MSFS Conversion for MSFS

    I've had some success getting one of my projects into MSFS and the procedure was so fun, I wanted to share how. For some, this might be a good way to learn new platforms, because we can compare elements directly. I'd read that the old .mdl format was still supported and I can attest that this...
  9. =rk=

    P3D v4 Daytime Only Visibility Condition

    Can someone offer the proper syntax to make the intended condition render? I copied one of the seasonal visibility conditions and attempted to insert a time frame, between 8 am and 5 pm, based on what Arno had posted here. Below is what I's come up with so far. I removed the word "ZULU" on the...
  10. =rk=

    P3D v4 LM Intends to Nick Developers

    Never noticed this one before: http://www.prepar3d.com/dnpa_prepar3d.pdf It looks like LM is prepar 3 d'ing to tax the addon market. "Agreement" means and includes all terms and conditions of this Prepar3D® Developer Network ("PDN") Program Agreement, including all Exhibits, amendments, the...
  11. =rk=

    Free High Quality Renders for SU (and other) Models

    Just found this site while researching SU plugins: http://www.kerkythea.net/cms/ Render software and support for Sketchup import/export.
  12. =rk=

    MCX Photoshop/DDS Conversions

    I discovered a discrepancy in format conversion that unless resolved, forces me to not use the very convenient .DDS export option when I compile a model to FSX/P3D standard from a Collada I've made. Normally my work flow is to model in Sketchup with Photoshop open and between the two I will...
  13. =rk=

    P3D v3 Problem with the Hard Platform Attach Point Tool

    Recently I added a hard deck to a static model and the platform that looked ok in MCX turned out to be well below the deck, when rendered in sim. I removed the platform which had been placed with the auto function and manually created one and positioned it exactly. Again the helicopter dropped...
  14. =rk=

    South China Sea

    I am presenting a scenery I have been preparing in fits and spurts for the past couple of years. It is not so much that I wish to alert for potential concurrent development conflicts, as if, but it has grown to a scale that is a little difficult to encompass and some people have expressed...
  15. =rk=

    P3D v3 Parameters that Define AI Enabled Models

    I have recently encountered a seemingly odd situation that upon investigation, seems fairly pervasive. I have thrown together various user operated vehicles, usually to test animations and occasionally as a completed project. I'd always gotten the impression that user vehicles were essentially...
  16. =rk=

    P3D v3 Conditional Animations

    I ma having a little trouble compiling what should be a very basic propeller/rotor animation with the three conditional states of "rotor still," "rotor slow" and "rotor blurred." I have done this sucessfully in the past and don't remember any special tasks I had to perform aside from creating...
  17. =rk=

    Latest Build Refuses to Display Graphical Data

    This thread is a continuation of an issue first raised in October: Your reply appeared to relate to the update released around that time. Apologetically, I abandoned that project until now, so the problem may appear to have been solved. In reality, the problem is actually "reversed," or at...
  18. =rk=

    Unable to Import Any Format Except MDL

    I am unable to import .DAE or .OBJ files into the latest version of MCX dev release. 47d09d3 DEV 1/8/2017. The error log is very short and has the same message for each. 6:43 AM AssimpReader Information Starting reading of file C:\Windows\Users\Rick\Desktop\Sansha\BK212.dae...
  19. =rk=

    Terrain Sculptor Communicator Threw an Exception

    Thanks for another excellent software tool that I stumbled upon while exploring an alternative to the latest build of SBX that will only process photo ground poly's in W10. Perhaps this is another W10 issue, it seems like it might be. With both the stable and development versions I get the...
  20. =rk=

    I've Been Internationally Flattered

    I was browsing the web for models to pilfer and I came across one of my own. I couldn't investigate too deeply because all that was available was the thumbnail as this member had already been banned, so all his pages were blocked; presumably because someone else saw their own work too and...