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  1. WTFlorian

    A320N to P3D Converter for FSX!

    Well, if i were you i'd start with the red error displayed by MCX - changing the decimal character on your machine. This is done under "Settings ->Time and Region" There go to something like "advanced settings" and change the decimal character to a dot. This is for Win10.
  2. WTFlorian

    Creating an installer for our payware scenery project

    Maybe NSIS Installer is something for you ? Seems this would do exactly what you want, i don't have any experience with that software but it might be worth checking out. https://nsis.sourceforge.io/Download The serial key check is something you would have to add yourself, but just googling...
  3. WTFlorian

    MSFS Glass Shader problem

    I can see that in your materials tab under "Colour multipliers" (right at the top) the emissive colour is black - have you tried setting this to white ?
  4. WTFlorian

    P3D v5 SH Waterproject Prepar3D v5+ released

    Very interesting project, i'll be sure to follow this one.
  5. WTFlorian

    Prepar3d Crash Notification Stays On Scenario Reset

    I would advise to just turn the crash detection off, or is this something you need ? I'm sorry if that's not the answer you're looking for, it's just an advise.
  6. WTFlorian

    P3D v5 VTSP - Phuket Airport

    Released on Simmarket https://secure.simmarket.com/wtflightsim-vtsp-(de_15694).phtml Compatible with P3DV5 and P3D4.4 (and above) Thanks to everyone here that helped me make this happen, i couldn't have done it without you guys. I want to thank @Pyscen and @arno especially, as without these...
  7. WTFlorian

    FSX [Solved] I need to test a simple script on FSX/FSXSE

    No i don't, i was just wondering where that came from in your case ? [General] Title=FS9 World Scenery Description=FS9 Scenery Data Clean_on_Exit=TRUE
  8. WTFlorian

    FSX [Solved] I need to test a simple script on FSX/FSXSE

    Why didn't this affect me ? Just curious, i'm glad you got it figured out.
  9. WTFlorian

    FSX [Solved] I need to test a simple script on FSX/FSXSE

    Win10 64Bit - the FSX Steam install was a more or less fresh one as i just downloaded it for this test - but there were some files lying around from an old installation that the uninstaller doesn't clean, files under /programData and that kind. I put the emerald folder and the activator in the...
  10. WTFlorian

    FSX [Solved] I need to test a simple script on FSX/FSXSE

    Hello, i just downloaded FSX Steam Version to test this, both tests were successful - BUT, only when i ran the ESD_Activator as admin, a normal double click produces an error. When i ran both tests as admin, the scenery was activated in the scenery library.
  11. WTFlorian

    How do i model my terminal to scale and correct dimensions?? help

    You can add a background image to blender, from that it's fairly easy to get the "footprint" of buildings. If you're talking about height, if you can't visit the place and see for yourself, try and figure it out from photos online. For example, if there's a car parked in front of a building...
  12. WTFlorian

    I'm working on scenery... (2021)

    VNKT - Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepals only international airport. P3DV5 and MSFS If there's anybody else working on this airport, let me know.
  13. WTFlorian

    MSFS New Plymouth (NZNP) preview. Also, Bellingham and Santa Fe update

    What's the word i'm looking for ? ... stunning, yes, absolutely stunning. This is impressive work, Wow.
  14. WTFlorian

    How To Create An Airport For P3D

    Depends on the software you're using to create your models, if it's Blender for example, you can use this Addon ---> Blender2FSXP3D Watch this for an introduction Ground Polys - Here's a great Video Series explaining the workflow (I recommend watching all of his videos) ---> Tons of...
  15. WTFlorian

    Blender Ground Poly upside down

    Flip the normals in Blender. Select all faces, press ALT+N and flip
  16. WTFlorian

    P3D v4 Dynamic Lights and Effects

    There is indeed a setting called "dynamic lighting" at least there is in P3DV5. (so there's gotta be one in 4.4 and up) It's under Graphics -> lighting Which version exactly are you using ?
  17. WTFlorian

    P3D v4 Dynamic Lights and Effects

    Did you copy the .fx file to your effects folder ?
  18. WTFlorian

    P3D v4 Dynamic Lights and Effects

    This is a very short overview, but indeed very helpful. Maybe give this a try ?
  19. WTFlorian

    P3D v4 Dynamic Lights and Effects

    It's not a really good screenshot, but placing a spotlight on top of your lightpost works - It's way too bright, but that's something you would need to adjust to your own liking. What i did: Opened your .mdl file via MCX Add spotlight (add light, then change the setting from point to spot)...
  20. WTFlorian

    P3D v4 Dynamic Lights and Effects

    I never worked with that specific tool, but if you create an effect in mcx that's the one to use. If you like you can attach your .mdl file of your lightpost here so i can attach a spotlight and show you how i did it.