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  1. Dedl

    FS2004 CYWG James Richardson International Airport - Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

    That looks fantastic allready... Please take your time, Greg... I can wait ;) Strenght is to be found in serenity and patience is a virtue... (by Google Translator). Dedl :wave:
  2. Dedl

    FS2004 Calgary International Airport (CYYC)

    Hi Emmanuel, Your Calgary looks already amazing and I like very much, what I see. I totaly agree with Leonardo and Greg, keep up your good work - in your own measure and speed and in the quality that you like. If the results are as nice as in your Kilimanjaro scenery, most people will be very...
  3. Dedl

    FS2004 CYWG James Richardson International Airport - Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

    Greg, this looks really outstanding to me and I have a feeling that your work on Winnipeg is going to make it as "the scenery of the year 2018" for us FS9ers. :yikes: Thank you very much for not dropping the old FS2004 spirit of flight simulation and for keeping it freeware. Our simulator...
  4. Dedl

    FSX Ningbo ZSNB

    What a fantastic work Peter! And Yes, a FS9 version would be so lovely to see, especially because of I know the City from my visit to China in 2010. Dedl
  5. Dedl

    FS2004 CYQR Regina

    Greg, thank you for releasing your fantastic scenery during holiday seasons. :) The fact, that you did your homeairport Regina for FS2004 is for me like celebrating christmas :santahat: and birthday the same day. I will enjoy your work for a very long time and will come visiting you often -...
  6. Dedl

    Arlanda, Stockholm

    ...underbart med en FS2004 version! Tack ska ni ha. Dedl
  7. Dedl

    FS2004 CYQR Regina

    FS2004 can look so beautiful when you are working on it, Greg! Fantastic pictures of that great 10 years old rigg! I hope you will have the power to finish this outstanding work... Dedl
  8. Dedl

    FS2004 KMSP - Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport.

    Payware or Freeware... I am really looking forward for your project to be released one day! So fantastic that it will be for FS9 - Thank you so much. Dedl