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    P3D v5 PAOT default P3Dv5.3HF2 scenery issue.

    As shown in attachment, Kotzebue airport is placed by LM team amid two small lakes. Is there any way to eliminate the water out of the airport ramp ? ADE exclusion polygons don't seem to help. Thanks.
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    P3D v5 ADE Ground Polys and P3Dv5.3

    In older times (FS9, FSX) the ground polys function of ADE was always effective and got the job done. In present (P3D.v5) I am not sure if this happens as in older sims (see attachments). Am I missing anything ? Thanks, Sotiris.
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    P3D v5 About approach creation in v1.79.7475

    Hi, In that latest version the "how to" create a new approach for an airport has changed a lot comparing to the earlier ADE versions. E.g. even though CI, CA, TF, etc. are available through the respective drop-down menu, the only I can really use are DF and CF under conditions (CF can't fix to...
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    P3D v5 "Could not connect arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow"

    It's been a few days I applied 64bit patch to v1.79.7475, and when trying to connect the programme to P3Dv5.3, I get the above message. Any way to fix it ?
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    A Comms list question @Jon

    Hi Jon, I have installed ADE v1.79.7475 some time ago and I noticed the change in Comms list regarding the new option to select comm frequencies for an airport. I mean that we now can select 8.33 comm frequencies, as in the list the selectable sequence is at a 5KHz step. This option was not...
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    P3D v5 Some of the AI turboprop planes make slow and wide turning circles

    Hi, As per subject title, they roll through during taxi out even into airport buildings. Nothing would stop them. I tried simulation rate 4x and they taxi out more or less like jet airliners, but as soon as the rate returns to normal, the same problem returns. Thus, it seems it is a speed...
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    P3D v5 ADEX 1.78 cannot decompile stock airports

    Hi, Just switched from FSX to P3Dv5 and trying to set up everything from the very beginning. While trying to load a stock airport I get an error : Unknown ID -19968. Could you please specify the folder where that log file resides, in order to send it to you ? Also please check the attached...
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    P3D v5 bvcf.bgl

    As I am considering migrating from FSX to P3Dv5, I want to know if the file bvcf.bgl of FSX which controls global FIR sector frequencies (scenery\world\scenery) can be used on P3Dv5. When migrated from FS9 to FSX I replaced that file and used it in FSX successfully. I had modified to the correct...
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    FSX Default jetways

    Hi, I noticed that most default jetways work with Ctrl+J and some don't, especially those which are placed by the user. Which are the conditions to make them properly work ? Where can I find the jetway 02, as through ADE I can only use jetway 01 ? Thanks for your time.
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    FSX Improper ground depiction

    Hi, Today I installed Aerosoft Mega Airport Rome and to my surprise I saw a failed runway depiction (see attachments). When we see something like that, what could be a culprit ? I ran out of ideas, that's why I addressed to this forum. Thanks for your time.
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    FSXA How could this happen ?

    I opened stock airport LCRA, modified it adding two parking spots and correcting the comm frequencies, saved it with ADEX, but during testing, the AI plane fails to get ATC clearance and disappears instead of taxing to the active runway. I 'd rather say ATC instruction is not given at all and...
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    FSXA FIR sectors bisection in FSX Acceleration

    In FS9 it was feasible to bisect an FIR sector, meaning that the lower part i.e. up to 11100m and the upper up to 100000m. The lower and upper using different frequencies. It worked fine in FS9. Yet, that doesn't seem to happen in FSX, as, if made so, ATC keeps interchanging those frequencies...
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    FSXA AI trip calculator.

    It is known that in FS9 we used to halve the AI speed in Aircraft.txt, in order to achieve an "on time" arrival with the use of @ as well. My question is : In FSX is this valid too or it is compulsory to use the speed of each one AI aircraft in conjuction with the absence of @ ? Thanks for time.
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    FSXA Static aircraft not appearing.

    Hi, I am relatively new to FSX and trying to transfer to it all my 948 traffic files from FS9. In the beginning, I transferred all traffic files from FS9 without convert them to FSX mode, had some problems with parking specs difference between the two sims, but nevertheless I managed to arrange...
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    FS2004 PSS-POSKY A330 merge : Taxi lights not visble.

    Hi, It 's really weird that in A330 taxi lights are not visible through the cockpit windows (main panel view), even though they are present in spot view. Instead, no problem with the A340. Any ideas why ?
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    FS2004 "Did you hear my last transmission?"

    Hi, Lately, much more than in the past, AI planes do not respond to Tower's instructions resulting to terminate radar service. What could lead to such a situation ? Thanks for your time, Sotiris.
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    AI refusing to vacate runway after landing.

    Hi, As mentioned above, I have this issue at LSZH airport. AI traffic planes hold still just before the moment that must leave the runway after landing. Sometimes, they decide to move after a while, but at most they stay there bringing about several go-arounds by the next-to-land AI traffic. I...
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    FS2004 Black boxes once more.

    Hi, I downloaded from avsim and installed saoxt_lgat.zip, which is a relatively recent release of old Athens airport (LGAT). As it looks as a nice depiction in FS, I decided to correct its parking positions in ADE9. For that reason I upgraded from v1.67 to v1.70.6042, imported LGAT scenery...
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    FS2004 Submerged runway problem.

    I am trying to create a new airport for Paros Island LGPA, which now has a brand new airport a few NM to the west of the old one. I finally made it, except one thing : the runway is submerged and unseen below the taxiway layer I used to smoothen the ground of the new airport area. Note that...
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    FS2004 Multiple use of the same parking spot by ATC.

    A couple of months ago I started migration to win7 64 from XP SP3. In my new environment, I notice that sometimes (and maybe more) ATC uses the same spot for 2 or even 3 AI aircraft (see attachment), even though there is a plenty of spots available. I am wondering whether I am missing something...