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    FSXA custom autogen scenery models

    Hi, would like to know whether (and how) I can add scenery library objects (models I create in Gmax) to the annotator? Where would the texture go? thanks and best regards aereo
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    FSXA autogen houses without walls, they just have roofs!

    Hi all, I realized since a few days that my autogen houses only show roofs but now walls. I did not really do anything to FSX I think so I have no idea where this comes from. Does anyone have an idea of what might cause this? thanks a bunch aereo
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    FSXA black or disorted textures on autogen

    Hi all, I have tried to put some autogen building on a photoreal ground, but after having placed building with "flat roofs" and than with "hipped roofs" all looks very strange in FSX. Some building have just black textures on them, some others have only one or two walls and no roof at all. What...
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    FSXA AFS Airbus Repainting Problem

    Hi all, following problem. I bought AFS Airbus pack with Airbus House Colors paintscheme, with no paintkit included. I tried to repaint the existing texture but it messes all up. Anybody knows about the problem of repainting AFS planes? thanks!!
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    FSXA Photoreal legal or not?

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    FSXA How to repaint autogen textures

    Hi, where do I find the autogen texture sheets for my Region and can I repaint them somehow without any problems in FSX afterwards? What is the best way to place autogen on photoscenery? thanks
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    FSXA How to change the textures on autogen Buildings?

    Hi all, I would like to work with the autogen annotator and have my custom building textures used on them, but how do I do that? Where are the textures for Autogen stored? thanks in advance aereo
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    FSXA how to animate a Monorail?

    Hi all, I was thinking of creating a Monorail Skytrain going from one Terminal to the other, but I dont know how to animate the movements in gmax. Could somebody help? thanks
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    FSXA placing objects on photoreal ground

    Hi all, short question: I have created some photoreal grounds with SbuilderX and would now like to place Objects on it. How can I do that? In Sbuilder Objects and photoreal seem not to work well together. thanks a lot:)
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    model not showing in FSX

    hi all, I have created a gmax model of an terminal (it is not ready yet), only partly textured yet. Just to see what it looks like in FSX, I have created the GUID, exported it, made a bgl and placed it with ADEX on my airport. Compiled the airport. in FSX I created 2 subfolders in my addon...
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    FSXA copying an object of a gmax scene

    Hi all, one question: I have build an terminal in gmax. It contains several objects that should use the same texture map and texture as they are identical. Can I just clone one of those already mapped and textured objects and use them more times? Just want to make sure I do not mess anything...
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    FSXA what is the best way to do semitransparent glass?

    Hi all, I have read quite a lot of posts, but have not managed to get transparent glass part on my gmax airport terminal. Could you pls. give me a hand and tell me what I have to take care of when creating the texture and also how I set things up in gmax in order to show the transparency in FSX...
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    FSXA Custom ADE Airport & Ground Polys

    Hi all, I have created a new airport, well, actually expanded an existing airport to something big in ADEX. It is Santos Air Force Base. I would like to do all Ground with custom textures including the aprons, taxiways and airport ground grass, but not the runways. After watching quite a...
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    FSXA How to light up my airport terminal from inside?

    Dear friends, I would like to know how I can light up my airport terminal from the inside. Can anyone help me please? thanks aereo
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    FSXA Gmax - how to add nightlight effects to my gamx airport building?

    Hi there, I have following question. I have build an airport terminal in gmax and it shows up fine in FSX, but how can I add light effects to it? For example I have some light poles around the airport, which should be lid up at night, how to do that? The other thing is, that I would...
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    FSXA Basic Questions about creating AI Traffic

    Hi all, I have painted some fictional liveries for my airline fleet in FSX and would also like to see the new liveries flying around and being present at the airports. Here come my questions: 1) how can I create AI flight plans and use this particular self made liveries for the AI trafic...
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    FSXA Texturing my Airport Terminal in Gmax

    Hi all, I am building an airport in ADEX and have begun to build the 1st terminal in gmax. Now this terminal is quite large and has a lot of details on it, and I do not really know how I should do to texture it and place textures in the right directory to appear in FSX. Can somebody pls. help...
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    FSXA Gmax object has wrong color in FSXA than in Gmax, Why?

    Hi all, I am trying to build some airport objects and buildings in GMAX in order to use them with ADEX. I have done a test and created a simple box 4x4meter and 20m tall textured with a red and white striped texture. I exported the model file, created the bgl library file and added the object...