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    Requesting state on "AircraftLoaded"

    *deleted by author* *deleted by author*
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    Tagged data writing - setting throttles

    I'm having some trouble setting throttles for four engines using a tagged data setup which as driven me mad for the last three days - time for a sanity check. The goal: send data to set the throttle for 4 engines using a tagged data block. The current result: a) only throttle 1 is set, or...
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    I'm sure this can be done in Gmax - what is the trick?

    All, I have a Gmax noob question relating to extruding shapes. I have two irregular shapes in my model. To use a simple example, the first one is the outline of a wall. The second is the outline of a window in the wall. I want to be able to combine the two shapes as one, so that when I...
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    3ds max 11 updates?

    Has anyone heard anything about the availability of the FSX, ESP or TS2 (Train Simulator 2) plugins compiled for 3DS supporting 3DSMax 10 (2008) or 11 (2009)? Etienne
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    3DS support?

    All, This is probably old material, I am wondering if any information is available with regards to the SDK plugin for 3DS 8 or 9. Going to Mars seems trivial in comparison to attempting to source earlier releases of 3DS compatible with the FSX or ESP SDKs... Etienne EDIT: I mean 3DS 2008 or...
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    Blender to FSX MDL import/export

    Jonathan Harris of marginal.co.uk (X-plane stuff) posted a new utility to import / export FSX MDL files into/from Blender. The download link is here: http://www.scenery.org/design_utilities_gmax.htm Does not support animations, platform or attach points, but this is probably the first...
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    Creating dialogs inside FSX

    Can anyone share an example of creating an FSX dialog, or point me in the right direction? I'm not having much luck in that regard. Really appreciate it, Etienne
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    Discovering WPF and custom windows in FSX

    Here's an update on my discoveries after experimenting over the weekend on the subject of WPF and custom windows inside FSX. I'm at a loss as to why there's so little documentation or examples on the subject on how to do this. This relates to two threads in this forum, one on WPF content in...
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    Delta CRJ video on Youtube...

    I ran across this recently - pretty nice inside views of the cockpit in flight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BybQROqvkyY Etienne
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    Partial panel variables ?

    Greetings, Does anyone know what a partial panel variable is? Thanks! Here's the list (gauge.h): PP_ADF, // partial panel variables PP_AIR, PP_ALTIM, PP_ATTITUDE, PP_COM, PP_COMPASS, PP_ELECT, //...
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    Question: locating the path to the currently loaded aircraft from C++?

    FSUIPC has a function to retrieve the path to the current aircraft file loaded (aircraft.cfg). Does anyone know of another way to get the path to the currently loaded user aircraft? Etienne
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    Question on modeldef.xml

    I spent the weekend learning about attaching animations, visibility and effects to parts, fun stuff even if my family doesn't think so :). From my research, it seems that all Gmax/3DS part animations and visibility features eventually come from Modeldef.xml. 1) I saw the post in another forum...
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    Normal maps and DDS conversions - couple of useful *Free* tools

    I have found two little gems in terms of saving to DDS and to create normal maps needed for FSX bump maps. .Net based DDS converter in C# and Managed DirectX: http://www.codeproject.com/cs/media/NormalMapCompressor.asp The program loads normal files and outputs a DDS using .NET and shows you...
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    UV maps in GMAX

    Hail Gmax gurus! I've tried to get my feet wet with Gmax, and started off with a simple box (cube). All is not right relating to texturing, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. My look-great texture in gmax is wrapped incorrectly in FSX, but not all faces, only some. The box is applied...
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    Of Signing Certs...

    I was looking at ways to deploy software using self-signed certs that would be more practical monetarily. I ran across a method I want to float around this community: 1) it is possible in VS 2005 to issue self-signed certificates for code signing. 2) it is possible to export the public portion...
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    .NET and gauges

    I had posted this in the SimConnect forum but I thought I'd repost this crazy idea here. Is anyone playing with .NET inside gauge code? I think there are very interesting possibilities here using C++ interop and C# combinations without any performance problems. My main driver is that the .NET...
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    .NET as an FSX DLL?

    Anyone played with C++ interop (mixed mode, unmanaged - managed CLR 2.0) inside the FSX process space without problems? And please don't get into why I would dream of doing this :) Regards, Etienne
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    Display messages via SimConnect?

    Has anyone figured out the trick to send message strings to FSX via SimConnect or the C++ gauges? This used to be the old adventure message string, but it's not documented anywhere I've been able to find. One way is to draw a window on the screen with a transparent background but I was...
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    Anyone using Blender?

    As far as modeling 3D objects outside of GMax, has anyone looked or worked with Blender (www.blender.org)? It seems quite a powerful and capable tool with great meshing abilities and support for NURB surfaces. The learning curve looks more like the cliffs of Dover! Export to .X is...