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    P3D v4 Adding V4.4 Models to ADE

    Hi, First time in a while I've used ADE to place a model, Is ADE compatible with the V4.4 mdl? when I add a v4.4 model to 'Lists-Models' it shows an error message, then ADE shows only zero's for the GUID and user model for the name. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an...
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    P3D v4 PBR headache

    Hi, I don't usually ask for help as I like to work things out for myself, but the PBR in P3d v4.4 has me beat! no matter what I try almost every material is like reflective glass, far to reflective or metallic even in 3dsmax itself. No matter what the Metallic materials Red, Green and Alpha...
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    Cannot connect ADE to FSX or P3D

    Hi, I seem to have developed an issue whereby ADE cant connect to either FSX or P3d. The message it's giving for both FSX and P3dv2 is Could not Connect FSUIPC Error #7:FSUIPC_ERR_VERSION.Incorrect version of FSUIPC Its been a while since I used ADE and im not sure if it was doing this...
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    Xtomdl Error

    Hi Bit confused.....I havent compiled an X file to a mdl for a while. I tried the first time today for quite a few months but I keep getting an error? both using the FSX xtomdl and P3d xtomdl either directly, from command prompt or in MCX. The model itself is not that complex, its a Nissen Hut...
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    FSXA Animated wheels (using path constraint)

    I've created an animated vehicle in 3dsmax using path constraint just folloing a path, adding an ambient animation, which works great in FSX. I then animated the tyres so they rotate using the same ambient animation, then linked them to the main vehicle so everything moves together, all works...
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    FSX Steam Edition

    Hi Having downloaded FSX Steam Edition from Steam for a miniscule £3.99. I have tried SODE with it but it doesnt work. It doesnt run when FSX-SE is open and when I run it directly from the SODE folder it crashed The Log says (dont know if this is any help) 1419187687 DEBUG : Trying to find...
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    FS2004 MCX Ground Poly Wizard

    Hi OK, I have been using MCX Ground Poly Wizard for quite a while and have had no problems with it before today.... I've recompiled the same 3 custom ground files (.x format) that I've complied many times before but now everything is grey and for the life of me cant figure out why. I've...
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    FSXA Xtomdl.exe

    Hi Does anyone have any clue why this is happening? I'm using 3dsmax and xtomdl (prepar3d V1.4) to export my models into FSX. If I drop my .x file of the Hangar in the picture below onto xtomdl.exe, this is what I get A nice model, no problems with the baredwire fence...But there are no LODs...
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    Program Problem

    Hi Turned my PC of yesterday all was fine, just tried to complie the same thing I was working on last night, nothing has changed....this pops up when I try to compile, it then shuts down ADE System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'ADE_GroundPolys, Version=
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    FSX prepar3d SDK used in FSX

    Hi Would just like to ask has anyone here been using the prepar3d SDK (not version2), 3dsmax and FSX. I have been exporting the .X file then running it through Model Converter X to get the mdl. I have noticed some issues when using the exported .x file, the .x file is smaller in size 1.76mb...
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    FS2004 Changing an Airport Name

    Hi, I've put this in the general forum because the issue is the same in afcad, AFX or ADE. The issue is this, im simply trying to rename an airfield 'Wattisham Army' to 'Wattisham RAF' but no matter what I try it will not change and always stays Wattisham Army???? as if its always reading from...
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    Environmental Data Probe

    Hi Has anyone any had success getting models to show when using the data probe? I have two animated doors which work fine but as soon as I put in an entry for a data probe and the models that are going to use it into the XML eveything disappears and a message saying something like no animated...
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    FSX Vehicle Animation

    Hi I've created an animation of a vehicle travelling along a road, it started parked, sets off, drives for 2 minutes at 10mph then parks in a different area. To have the return journey would mean having the vehicle driving backwards :confused: It is possibile to have a setting that could reset...
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    Recent file list

    Hi, Quite a lot of my FS work is on an external HD which does not turn off automatically when the PC is shut down, I have to manually turn it off and on, so when i startup the PC I generally forget to turn it on. When I then start ADE and try to open a file that is located on the HD it always...
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    Taxiway links

    Hi Havent come across this before with previous versions of ADE, and maybe I'm just missing something. Taxiway links dont seem to connect together anymore?? I draw out a taxiway and the blue nodes arent automatically connected to their adjacent one, they just lay on top of each other?? I did a...
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    Nice addition

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    FS2004 ADE Excludes

    Hi I deleted default buildings from a stock airport in ADE, doing this I believe creates excludes automatically in the exported bgl? However when I place a new object in the place of the old, the effects on the object dont show, if I move it outside the area where the building was the effects...
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    FS2004 Animation & Seasonal Texture

    Hi I'm trying to get a model to have both seasonal texture and an animation which is triggered by Nav2.... The animation works straight from Gmax but with obvioulsy no control over it. If I run the model through CAT straight from Gmax the animation works fine with control on NAV 2 If I...
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    FS2004 FS9 Clouds + DXT3 texture

    Hi Just wonder if anyone has come across or found a work around for the following issue. I've build an localizer array which has wires strug between each upright pole. The texture for the wire uses an alpha channel which at first I used pure black to remove the area inbetween the wires, in FS9...
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    Gmax and Prepar 3d

    Just wondering those who have Prepar3d, do models/aircraft exported from the FSX Gmax sdk work in prepar3d? I dont see any reason why they wouldnt but just wondered if anyone has tried? I imagine buying 3dsmax for some freeware devs might be a bit pricey but if FSX Gmax SDK works then whoopy...