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    How delete runway number and arrowheads?

    I am using photoscenery for my runway and all markings. I have successfully deleted every marking except for the runway arrowheads, some people call them chevrons. Cannot see where to delete these...
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    Weirdest thing with DetectFeatures export...

    All of a sudden I cannot get scenproc to export the file after feature detection. The file simply does not show up at all. It shows no errors, and it appears that the file was saved, but when I go to look, nothing is there. I've tried changing the file name, tried changing the location to...
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    How to set texture size in "convert and place" wizard?

    I've looked but cannot see where the "convert and place" wizard allows me to force the texture size. Most all the textures end up 1024x1024, when I would like to force them 2048x2048 or even 4096x4096.
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    Is there a batch process for "convert and place"?

    I have 256 models in the KMZ format. I know there is a batch process for converting and exporting textures. But is there an automated batch process where I can use the "Convert and Place" for the 256 kmz files? Thanks
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    Can someone put togther a confg similar to...

    ... Terrain Autogen Small Mixed Forest. Scroll down to find it here: It's the same autogen GUID found in the default scenProc .pdf help file. http://lhsimulations.com/LHSimulations/Autogen%20Annotator/Using_the_Autogen_Annotator.html I'm having a tremendous time trying to get a similar...
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    ARNO, thank you.

    I've not seen an official Thank You thread to the Man yet. scenProc itself is worthy to be a commercial product that I would gladly pay for. With scenProc we can now put vegetation fairly accurately for the entire world, no OSM data needed, just a good quality aerial photo, and can work with...
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    In need or config for buildings using shp files.

    I've been wanting to create complex buildings using Shapefiles. They are accurate at WGS84, but I'm not sure what's going on. There are no errors, it's just not ceating any building autogen. The shapefile is from GEOFABRIK website. I use this config file from the readme for the shapefile...
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    Can Scenproc keep autogen trees off the road?

    If I have the data for roadways, can scenproc use the road data to prevent autogen trees from being on the roadways?
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    Simple help needed for creating vegetaion from OSM file.

    I am wanting to get all tree( vegetation) data from the OSM file for Pennsylvania from this site: http://download.geofabrik.de/north-america/us/pennsylvania.html They also offer SHP files for vegetation (natural.shp), but when I load it into Qgis, there isn't as much vegetation data as there...
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    Can I use USGS in FS Earth?