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  1. CBris

    pilot, passengers and crew

    I've seen that Hype (HPG) have been cause for some really huge numbers of repaints from many diverse repainters. I have discovered their Blender based paintkit and am impressed (almost). But what I don't yet understand is how are repainters able to create liveries for the people on board? I can...
  2. CBris

    MSFS Aerobatic aircraft

    Is there a skilled coder around here who is maybe working on a set of flight dynamics for an(y) aerobatic piston engined performer. I have been on a couple of beta test teams for msfs aircraft of this genre and all I get is "this is too difficult in msfs" or "Asobo have shut the door and thrown...
  3. CBris

    Making 'comp' Textures for Aircraft

    Ok, I have figured out what the comp textures do and how the RGB channel affect the painted aircraft. (I think) So when I looked closer at some of the existing textures I note that the three channels can have three different images. Shading in red, matt/glossy in green and mettalic in blue. I...
  4. CBris

    Texture Paint on multiple objects

    OK, I have found that I can easily create textures on imported msfs gltf and drawing across different objects - i.e. wings and ailerons - is possible by using the "Join" command. As long as the objects are on the same texture sheet that is. I have now come across a DAE (Collada) model where...
  5. CBris

    layout.json tool has gone AWOL

    Does anyone know where that Auto_json tool can be found? Asobo seem to have dropped it from the msfs forum website.
  6. CBris

    Blender Wrapping stencils

    Hopefully a simple question: When I use an image as a brush in substance painter, I can wrap it around a tubular fuselage. But £19 per month just to wrap one picture or flag onto a fuselage? So... can I do this in Blender? My efforts so far are a part success - mirroring works, backface cull...
  7. CBris

    MSFS Code / Scripting Languages Used for Things Like "Fallback="

    OK, this applies to any version of Flightsim I guess... As the title indicates: I would primarily like to know how the "fallback" path in cfg should be used, but I would also be interested to know which programming language is used - perhaps I can get me a "Dummies Guide". Would it be xml? As...
  8. CBris

    MSFS Coding Language in User Editable texture.cfg Files - "Fallback"

    OK, this applies to any version of Flightsim I guess... As the title indicates: I would primarily like to know how the "fallback" path in cfg should be used, but I waould also be interested to know which programming language is used - perhaps I can get me a "Dummies Guide". Would it be xml? As...
  9. CBris

    MSFS Creating Various Assets for Aircraft Textures

    I am starting to enjoy repainting again, although it is not really as easy as Asobo have promised. I really get annoyed/frustrated by them using mirror images for the wings - Extra E330 for instance - and I really hate their Decal system - that is so restrictive as to be almost crippling to use...
  10. CBris

    MSFS developer mode no longer working

    For a over a week now, I have been unable to access the developer mode and thus use the SDK functions for creating packages for textures etc. What happens is this: I select developer mode through the "General" option and I see the dev mode toolvar appear on screen. So far so good. Now if I...
  11. CBris

    Bump maps

    I have created bumpmaps using Corel and they worked fine. Greyscale image in 24 bit rgb format, save the red channel as alpha, floodfill red with black and blue with white, invert green and then open the coloured image in DXTBmp and add the previously saved red channel as alpha. I understand...
  12. CBris

    FSX Painting on 3D model - I don't know the right language

    OK, so I am trying out 3DS Max (student/unemployed license) I can paint using the "standard" photoshop on 2D texture sheets and then converting to dds etc... (you'll know me as "Eagleskinner" perhaps) Well now I want to improve the quality of my work because I am finding that three weeks...
  13. CBris

    FSX Getting the gauges to look better

    I hope this is in the right place... I spent some time looking at the gauges recently. If there's one thing I am reasonably good at, it's painting, but what's the point of painting a good panel and interior when the gauges still look grainy? So I explored... I see we can unpack the cab...
  14. CBris

    General Information About Scenery and Terrain

    Right,I am slowly, oh so slowly, getting to grips with this scenery design thing. If I am getting it right, there IS a structured way to get all the odds and sods to fall together in a sensible way. I am finding tools like ADE very interesting, especially because they cause me to ask silly...
  15. CBris

    Coastline Vectors

    Forgive me posting an old question if it has long been answered. "search" reveals thousands of results and that is all to confusing for one such as I. ;) Also - I apologise most sincerely in advance if I upset the original artist for wanting to break his payware coastlines. Actually this is...
  16. CBris

    Chris's dumb questions

    I think I'll ask them, even if they are dumb... 1. Must I use the conventional 3D artists way of centering a model? Why can't I use a real world plane maker's way - i.e. from the aircraft datum which is always in front of the plane so that all weight and balance moments are positive? 2...
  17. CBris

    What's the most sensible tool

    I'm a real world helicopter and small aircraft tech first. I know helis and real planes (anything with one prop or less) and I also know how to maintain them - even unto doing things such as weight and balance, vibration testing and performance analysis... So, I keep saying to myself that I...
  18. CBris

    A couple of questions

    Hi, as a scenery newbie, I just know the answers are probably here already, but as I don't even speak the lingo properly, I don't really know the right way to ask. So I have compiled a couple of questions that other newbies may regularly have - maybe someone could do the same for the answers? As...