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  1. tgibson

    FS2004 FS Crash with AFLT Approach

    Hi Don, Using the latest, but this happened with the previous version as well. This crash is occurring when the loading airport progress bar appears, at 0%. I am using my usual classic KLAX AFLT file. When I place a Left Edge classic approach, FS crashes with the following: Problem...
  2. tgibson

    FSX Prop Merge Failure

    Hi, Someone sent me a plane converted from FS9 and he is trying to merge a separate prop part into the plane. When we use the Merge command in MCX there is no error message, but no prop is added to the model. I have attached a fragment of the plane and the prop part to be merged. Load the...
  3. tgibson Not Detected

    Hi, I'm running and AFLT says I'm up to date, after the apparent release of Hope this helps,
  4. tgibson

    FS2004 Runway Centerline Lights and VASI from XML File

    Hi, I've loaded which appears to be the latest version, and when I load my classic KLAX xml file to create a new project, the runways all have centerline lighting and the VASIs do not appear. I can use the edit popup menu to remove the centerline lights. I can also add the VASI lights...
  5. tgibson

    FS2004 YSSY Error

    Hi, When I am entering a new flight plan and YSSY is the very first airport I enter, I get this message: This can't be true, since YSSY is a default airport in FS9.
  6. tgibson

    ADE Apron linked to Ground Poly - Bug

    Hi, Unless this is the intended result, I have found a problem. 1. Make an apron - I have done it from a Helper shape and by clicking a free form shape. 2. Click the apron, right click and choose Make Custom Ground Poly. I assigned gp_Concrete for a texture, and did not change anything else...
  7. tgibson

    FS2004 Method to Overcome Apron and Vertex Limitations

    Hi, We are completing a large airport project (London Heathrow in 1962), and it has become so complex that the FS9 BGLComp will no longer compile if we add any more nodes or apron vertices. We decided that one way to avoid this limitation would be to replace some of these aprons with Ground...
  8. tgibson

    FS2004 Opacity Material Setting

    In older versions of MCX I seem to remember that the Diffuse color value had 4 numbers, not 3. The last number was opacity (again, as I seem to remember). In later versions the Diffuse color value only has 3 numbers, and it appears there is no way to change the opacity of the material. Since...
  9. tgibson

    MCX About Screen Copyright

    Hi, Just a note to let you know that the 1.4.00 version of MCX says "Copyright 2007-2012". Are you not asserting a copyright beyond 2012?
  10. tgibson

    FSX MCX Aircraft Conversion Results in Backwards Prop Rotation

    Hi Arno, Just to let you know - when I convert any FS2004 piston aircraft to FSX format, the prop rotation ends up backwards from the FS2004 model. What's interesting is that in MCX the prop rotation is in the correct direction if you move the slider from left to right, but the result in FSX...
  11. tgibson

    FS2004 LOM GUID Issue

    Hi, I was helping someone over at the Chat forum with ADE and ran into a GUID issue. First, I added a library BGL using the LOM and Add File button. I then found the object that I was interested in - the terminal building. Note the GUID - it ends in 67f8. This is correct, based on the...
  12. tgibson

    FS2004 Scale a Bitmap?

    Hi, We are creating a LORAN gauge, which was used a while back for navigation. It uses an oscilloscope screen, and one step is to adjust the height of the peaks. I was going to use a bitmap of an oscilloscope trace for the display, but I am wondering if I can scale the bitmap using XML code...
  13. tgibson

    FS2004 Can't Get Started

    Hi Don, OK, I've decided to improve an airport using AFLT, or at least explore the program. I downloaded AFLT 4.1.07, which says it's up to date. I then: 1. File/Create Project, gave it the name KSAN. 2. Browsed to my FS2004 folder and chose the file KSAN_ADE9_CA62.bgl. I get the error at...
  14. tgibson

    FSX Alpha Test Level and Transparency

    Hi, I originally asked this over at the ModelConverterX forum. Arno didn't know, and suggested I ask it here. I have a question about transparency. I have been using the Set Default Transparent template in ModelConverterX (MCX) to set my blurred prop material settings after conversion to...
  15. tgibson

    Making a Material a Template?

    Hi, Is there a way to create a Material Template which contains all of the settings of a material I have created? I would like to apply this material to other planes, but doing it line by line is tedious. I tried choosing New in the Material Template Editor and choosing the material name from...
  16. tgibson

    FS2004 Taxi Light Attach Points?

    Hi, When I Import an FS2004 model with working landing and taxi lights, the landing lights are present as attachpoints with axes. But the taxi light location(s) do not include attachpoints, and I have to create new ones from scratch. Is there a way to keep those when Importing into MCX? BTW...
  17. tgibson

    FSX Create New Material and Reassign Parts?

    Hi, I have an FS2004 aircraft where the glass texture is part of a larger texture, and when I Export it to FSX, the windshield is combined with the other parts using that texture. Thus I cannot make the windshield transparent without making the rest of those parts transparent as well. I do...
  18. tgibson

    ADE and New MS Flight Simulator

    Hi Jon, Will you support the new MS Flight Simulator? https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/everything-you-know-about-upcoming-flight-sim-from-microsoft.445504/ Just joking! I wanted to be the first to ask it - heck, might as well get it out of the way. :)
  19. tgibson

    P3D v4 Landing Light Splash Not Appearing

    Hi all, I posted this question over at the MCX forum, but thought people here might have an idea as well. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/landing-light-splash-not-appearing.445490/ I have now tried this with two different aircraft and the landing light splashes do not appear in...
  20. tgibson

    P3D v4 Landing Light Splash Not Appearing

    Hi, I have converted an aircraft from FS2004 to FSX format and loaded it into P3Dv4. It all seems to work fine except the landing light splashes do not appear on the tarmac. The landing light splashes of this model appear fine in FSX SP2. What could be the issue? Is there something I need...