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  1. tml

    MSFS Clarification needed: What XML is "evaluated" at "compile time", what during simulation "run time"?

    If one compares the model XML file and all the things it includes to C or C++ source code that is compiled and run, do I understand correctly: <UseTemplate> elements are "expanded" when the XML is read into the simulator. Let's call this "compile time". From the simulator's point if view it is...
  2. tml

    MSFS Tool to expand the templates used in a model XML file

    After some nights of frantic Python hacking, I present to you https://github.com/tml1024/MSFS-tools This was my first more serious use of Python, and it probably shows in the code. I probably do some things in a non-Pythonic way. Now you no longer need to manually expand template calls to see...
  3. tml

    MSFS ModelBehaviorDefs parameters with the Process attribute: evaluate at load-time or run-time?

    I had assumed that when a parameter declaration has the Process attribute, that means that the parameter value (the text inside the element) is a RPN expression, typically containing references to other parameters like #FOO#, to evaluate, to get the parameter's value. As in this example in the...
  4. tml

    MSFS Creating "slow" and "blurred" propeller animation textures using Blender's shading nodes

    The MSFS SDK documentation talks about using Photoshop radial blur. We who don't have 3ds Max probably don't have Photoshop either and would use GIMP. But. For images that can be generated quite algorithmically, why not use Blender's shading nodes? (And then bake the result into an image...
  5. tml

    MSFS Status of Blender2MSFS, is 0.40 the last version there will be?

    Blender2MSFS (a.k.a. MSFSToolkit) is great, and thanks to the author. But. The latest release is 0.40, from September last year. (Or have a missed something and there are more recent ones?) And even with my so far quite trivial experimentation with aircraft development for MSFS with Blender, I...
  6. tml

    MSFS What couples animations in XML to specific contact points in cfg?

    Should the contact point number for a landing gear (or skid) with compression, that you want to animate, match the ID parameter to ASOBO_GEAR_Base_Template? (Which then turns into (A:GEAR ANIMATION POSITION:#ID#, percent) , I think, if I follow the code in...
  7. tml

    MSFS Do you actually use the Project Editor's "Build All"?

    As far as I see, it has some annoying deficiencies. Like, is there any way to make it include a standalone module .wasm file into the built package? What is "building" a package anyway except just copying files over from PackageSources to Packages/your-package-name and creating the layout.json...
  8. tml

    MSFS Thoughts about the 3rd-party helicopter add-ons?

    Firstly, note that I definitely don't want to insult anyone's feelings. I just want to discuss this from a technical, software engineering point of view. I have the deepest respect for the skills of the two developers/teams that have managed to produce helicopter add-ons for MSFS in its current...
  9. tml

    MSFS How are "float" and other contact points for seaplanes handled in MSFS?

    How does MSFS estimate the shape and buoyancy of each float contact point? There is obviously no way to describe to MSFS the actual shape of floats (pontoons) (or of the hull, in the case of flying boats). If it knew that, it could estimate the buoyancy of each float and/or the hull depending...
  10. tml

    MSFS Modelling an aircraft with many more than four (piston) engines

    I am attempting to create the Dornier Do.X from 1930. It has twelve (!) engines. Each engine is a Curtiss V-1570, that produces 600 hp at 2400 rpm. As we know, the simulator supports a maximum of four engines. My obvious thought is to have each simulated engine correspond to three real engines...
  11. tml

    MSFS Cylinder displacement mishandled by the Aircraft Editor in the current SDK?

    If I in the Aircraft Editor, as an experiment, enter a cylinder displacement (per cylinder) of 50 cubic inches, and four cylinders, and choose File>Save, the value for cylinder_displacement in the engines.cfg is written as 172800... That value should be the same per-cylinder displacement. (As...
  12. tml

    MSFS How many coordinate systems does an MSFS aircraft need?

    If I have counted correctly, there are at least three involved in aircraft creation and debugging: Firstly, the 3D model. The SDK says In the Z axis the center should be approximately where the water level would be. Meaning that positive Z is upwards. Which matches what most people would call...
  13. tml

    MSFS Is it so that 3rd-party add-ons for now are restricted to legacy (FSX) technology?

    So I bought this 3rd-party aircraft (Carenado Mooney M20R) that some people had liked much in a MSFS2020 Facebook group. I thought it would be something developed specifically for MSFS2020 (or at least properly upgraded to use new MSFS2020 technology). But then when I look into the aircraft's...
  14. tml

    MSFS How do I actually produce a "MSFS WASM Module", install it, get it loaded, and debug it?

    New and clean machine, VS2019 (Community Edition), MSFS2020, and the current MSFS SDK installed. In VS2019: Create a new project. Use template "MSFS WASM Module", call it "T1". Create it in C:\Users\tml\src\T1. Build > Build Solution. "Build: 1 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped." I...
  15. tml

    How to figure out why your freshly created aircraft "crashes" before takeoff?

    I am creating an aircraft from scratch for the first time. Yes, I know that most people probably start by modifying an existing one, but what is exciting (from a coder/hacker point of view) in that? Plus, the one I am building is fairly different from the existing ones. (It is a fantasy...
  16. tml

    Vector texture width depends on direction (and latitude?)

    (Posted this also on avsim, sorry if you see this twice.) It is somewhat disappointing to notice that despite the fact that FSX knows that the Earth is a sphere (or ellipsoid even) and properly handles this for many aspects, there are still obvious problems in other aspects. Using some...
  17. tml

    "Abusing" extrusions

    Has anybody experimented with "abusing" FSX extrusions to generate for instance overhead wires for railways? Could it work in theory? Or would it be impossible to get proper looking overhead wires using extrusions? To be true to prototype, both the zigzagging from side to side between poles, and...
  18. tml

    Google Sketchup and 3D Warehouse

    I discovered Google Sketchup during the weeked and now I am in love with it. It really is exceptionally easy and fun to use, totally in another league than, say, gmax or Blender. (But, if I already knew well how to use one of those, I might grumble and say Sketchup is a toy, 3D design is...